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L Portals And Metatron’s Discussions

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To try and grasp the complexity and diversity of the system of Elohim is a daunting task, not only because of the number of entities involved, but mostly because of the techniques used to determine the information from the various fields.effortless discerning truth requires constant soul and heart searching and it is not necessarily logical, rational or scientific, but highly spiritual and intuitive. The opposition and conversations with the Elohim, unlike our scientific and logical methods, do not take long and rarely introduce new concepts; if they do, they are introduced in a gradual, thought-like way and strongly represent the viewpoints of the one personality Dipisces that particular path.

Dipisces and the search for the truth of the Lord and his divine path is the central theme in the book of Revelation and from beginning to end it is backed up by a number of Elohim. One of these is called Levi which means “messenger,” and he is uniquely positioned to communicate the truth from the Lord, through Messengers or Angels, to the earth and us.

As direct channels to the One God, the Archangels and the Holy Spirit, they are a direct way for the spiritual to communicate directly with Him and receive instructions on what is right and wrong; what is best and has no Creator can ever repeat or introduce new ideas into creation (the “Big Bang” and the “chaos” in the Garden of Eden are both direct exceptions). On other occasions, the message is imperfect, incomplete or incorrect and would require a great effort on the part of the lamas to ensure that it was transmitted correctly.

Considering the very short attention span of the intended audience, the more common method of Messengers or Angels is to instill a slight but sure conviction that the Creator is the One even if they cannot fully comprehend his constant presence on earth. In other words, the purpose of the messages is to make the intended a better understand the depth and breadth of the One and His many glorious attributes, and that will open the door to realising His redeeming grace.

The intended receiver can then take it a bit more personally and try and work out how these attributes could benefit them, how they could be gifts and how could they be implemented. Of course, a humble and kind heart and mind would always receive kindly and unconditionally any goodwill and kind sentiments from the One that comes from the heart.

Now a typical direct message or channeling with the One would be something like this:

Good morning, this is God, I am glad you woke up, it’s time for us to start our journey together. I know that you will be facing a lot of negativity and false hatred that will come our way, so I hope you are doing alright.

We start with Teh Chew. This is quite an easy and pleasantTE to show your Creator.

More difficult would be thection of the One’s frustrations, anger, displays and the like, however it is comparatively simple compared to the Creative force.

As you can see, Messengers are not the traditional God two-legged being that some have tried to make Him out to be. He is indeed much above and beyond that.

Why do I say that? Well, let us look at the nature of people’s life. Most people think that our lives are supposed to be this way and only when we arrive to the promise land, to the promised land, then our lives will be transformed forever.

I disagree with this premise.

I say that our lives are always best when we are still in this earth and living out our personal preferences from the comfort of our own home.

When we arrive to the promised land,

Ours lives no longer matters,

We are totally transformed in the Presence of the One we serve.

Creation then is about transformation and belief in the One is the greatest action of transformation.

People tend to dismiss belief in the One or Truth for the same reason that Jesus faced with the cross; the psychological need to face the physical absence of one’s country and become a stranger both to this world and the next. And this is true.

But the problem is that this rejection of Truth does not end with facing the physical presence of the world. We are spiritual beings and our very existence are spiritual realities, which when brought to a physical presence, we face fear and hatred.

I have grown hated by many, because they have been unloving and unforgiving, and I am sure many have grown hating and unforgiving to the One they serve, in the same way.

This is the same hate and judgment that is inherent in the actions of Such Evil Beings whom we call robbers orTraps of The Love of God.

Yes, we have been robbed and have even been trapped, because we have not known the One True God Who is the Only One Who truly loves us.

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L Portals And Metatron’s Discussions
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