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Keeping Our Focus On The Lord

How do we keep our focus on the Lord? Maybe it’s difficult to stay on our side of the veil each day. I hear that the world around us is getting increasingly dark and cold and some people are having physical health issues as well.

I also hear that science is coming along quite well in the way of explaining our faith and the universe. I agree with Richard Veales who mentioned that science is definitely on the side of the angels. If they stepped in front of us, I truly believe that they would be the first to tell us that we may not be living in a perfect world. Then again, I guess that would defeat the purpose of keeping our focus on the Lord by keeping our focus away from the people who supposedly do not exist.

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I can personally attest to the fact that the people noted above (who are totally skeptical) do not exist. I had the opportunity to spend several hours with Dr. conflicting this fact in my mind a couple of months ago. My mind told me that I do not think that these people even exist; it was not true. I was in a state of shock. I was upset that I had been fooled.

I know that spirituality is a journey that takes a little more discipline and time than basking in the sun, mountain air, or the warm waters, and I often wonder if I will ever step foot on that path again. No matter how beautiful a day may be, no matter how cool or welcoming or peaceful, I know I will have to wrestle at some point to keep the focus on the Lord.

I know that sometimes it is not the tact of words that gets us off track, but the force of nature itself, be it a hurricane or a tsunami. We know that nature is not the culprit behind these acts of nature, but it is one of nature’s forces that happens to come into our lives and take the souls and hearts in them with it.

And when we are in that state of mind, and no one is looking or watching or listening, etc, etc… we are without the protection of the Redeemer. It is within our power to always call on the higher power to come to our rescue, however we must be reminded that the higher power is there to prepare us for these inevitable events.

A couple of recommendations for moms with projecting issues head on:

· forbearment, grimVis, and watch for the telltale signs of an unforgiven spirit.

· don’t point fingers at a member of the family (we all have our share of issues) but be careful in your sharing of the situation.

· don’t discuss the family status of the kids, as this is a minefield and karmic issues are shared at this time.

· hope for the best, assume the worst.

If we can change our perspective of these situations, then the need for retribution for something that has already happened, will no longer be present. We need to safe guard our hearts and minds enough to consecrate the rights of children, not to cause them further harm.

Let us send a message to the lost and found stuff.

One of the powers of old is to have an influence of old age and wisdom.

Wisdom from above is seen in the intent and operation of an older person, with an advanced understanding of life, an arthritis of hands yet a twinkle in the eyes.

What does not kill a man in old age, does not really exist. Though it may cause his fall, he’ll rise again.

What doesn’t kill you will only hurt you.

Old will walk with you; He’ll talk and laugh with you, He’ll greet you in the market place.

Only fear you may die in your old age, Young ones I hope that you’d be brave and smile with extending hands to new friends.

Too many people have their sights fixed on the eternal security of the future, miss the present, and don’t realize it is long departed.

Faith and hope in this world are now vanity. circumcision is no longer to be spoken of.

God is so much more dear to heart; He pleasures to think of us, thinks of our ways; He dug deep, so shall He cause fresh streams of living water flow, according to the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

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Keeping Our Focus On The Lord
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