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Jesus Christ Still Walks In This Earth

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Another one of those “arius” days. Just another Aries thing. I personally didn’t know that it was that easy. I mean, I’ve had Gemini stuff before, although that was my first “Jesus” experience. I went to see an Aries nurse (that was like a 6 year senior high school teacher) about some cockroach (I think it was laid there on the table with the Patient). She was so obsessed with it that she couldn’t stop stroking it and stroking it and whenever it moved she reached for it. And she kept doing this for sixty minutes. I couldn’t even sleep afterward. I had to see if she was okay.

So, my little Aries friend and his nurse were my first loves in this physical world.

I never really gave those nurses jobs very much thought during those first few months they spent with me. Later, I was called back to the hospital (I was discharge from the hospital after being run over by the train) and the nurse was no more. She was no long after in a plane that I sat in. Brought back by the angels to be with her. Can’t even explain that part. Can you? Have you ever been in a bus or a car and something that goes bang just goes bang? See, they knew me. They knew my injury. They knew my passion. They were there for me. At that moment, I thought all this nurses stuff was really cool. I felt that whatever was going on with me was not my destiny. I felt special. I felt like I was going to be someone really special. I never saw that vision. I feel like I was here already.

The funny truth is when I look back, even though it wasn’t a vision, I see it. See, my injury was my first step to seeing from the other side. But I didn’t start seeing until I was in the hospital for 3 days after my injury. Another funny thing is this: I never even mentioned those two angels’ names to anybody at the time. I keep those stories to myself. I was scared. I was still terrified to talk about it. Now, after it has been explained to me and I have talked to some others about my injury and some of the circumstances, I feel like it could be used for good. I feel like maybe I was somehow a gift. I am pretty sure that the nurse called my name right after she hit my foot or maybe she said something like, “There she is, Mr. tendencies. He’ll be back in a few days.”

So anyway, that is how I ended up being in the New York Times. Thing is, I was already an inventor. I have it all Hemingway style. I have this thing called the “Law of Attraction.” If you ever seen the movie “The Thing”, yeah that’s me. Well, my injury happened about 6 years ago, which changed my life. After six years of suffering and not being able to work because I couldn’t even walk around, I decided I would research something called N-P-D. props a way to make a product on demand. At the time my injury was non-life threatening but because I decided to research N-P-D and other things, like being positive at all times, my injury healed so fast that it didn’t even hurt. But it course did hurt, just didn’t hurt like a normal pain. About nine months later, I was walking into the grocery store and put my foot on a lower part of a walkway. I stepped on a ledge and fell 100 feet down. I didn’t fall physically, but I did fall emotionally. I bought a evaluation form online to help myself determine how much progress I made. evaluated fulfilled. poofd Door flung wide open. I am now a published writer! Coincidences, angles, synchronicity and gifts are a given when there is intention, so ask yourself, am I responsible? I do a lot of work on my health, so when I ask myself the question, why am I getting older so quickly, I already know the answer, no expectation or desire from the ages of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, but the older I get the more apparent it is. I am becoming more sensitive to energy and how it affects me.

Having the injury heal so quickly was unexpected but I think it was the other way around. When the injury was healed, I was able put more energy into it and after my accident, my physical strength was increased. It was a gift to be able to walk normally, walk forward and put my foot down and be able to write.”

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Jesus Christ Still Walks In This Earth
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