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Jesus Christ Is Interested In And Concerned About Your Circumstances More Than You May Realise!

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Thirty eight years is a long time to have been lying chronically sick.

This is the situation which Jesus Christ meets when he walks into the city of Jerusalem. I have had the privilege of visiting this ancient city which is so much more than a city and a heritage city and I have walked in its beautiful surroundings and I have discovered it to be an awesome witness to the mercy and power of God.

There is no other place on earth quite like it.

There is no other place where the blood of Jesus Christ might be shed.

There is no other place where the cutting power of the Holy Spirit might be felt.

When Jesus comes to see us he doesn’t just come for a few moments. He comes for a full six days, because he wants to dispel fear and worry and evil spirits and sickness and poverty.

For various reasons we need to be in a room alone, sometimes for a few hours, and sometimes for a few days.

During this time even the air in the room is affected. The oxygen has almost run out.

Our witness, our evidence, is the power of God to heal the sick.

There is no medical centre in the city of Jerusalem. There is no hospital either. Just a collection of lay people, called a ‘ Sisters of the World. ‘ who are here to help any sick person who comes to us.

Though many were involved in the healings there were only six ‘ Sisters ‘and they did all the work.

First they would wash the feet of the sick. Second they would anoint the head. Third they would hold the sick person until Jesus Christ Himself came to be anointed by the Blessed Mother. Every recipient of anointing was attended to by the sisters.

Sandy Shaw

There is a girl called Sandy Shaw. She was born inJerusalem.Some years later she was visiting neighbours in a very little flat in a working class area of the city.

She noticed a man who had a severe limb- amputation.

mutters something to himself and goes to the garbage cans in front of the poor man and sows a seed and soon a large crowd has gathered around the man, muttering to themselves and carrying the poor man on their shoulders, or perhaps they were carrying him on their shoulders. The man speaks Hebrew and while he was lying there Sandy Shaw spoke to Jesus in Hebrew and while Jesus was speaking to the crowd He was listening to Sandy Shaw.

Jesus healed with a touch and they anointed one of His fingers.

Nothing is too great and nothing is too small to pray for, and many are the spiritual needs and Jesus Christ gives generously and abundantly.

Sandy Shaw through the small process she practiced and handed on to others and she became an excellent and effective worker for many years.

I learned a lot from that although pointless it is very effective.

Sandy Shaw practice is the way to get your prayers to the next level.

Sandy Shaw very simply led her family to the next level of prayer, before Jesus came, by carrying on the work she had done for many years.

This is the way to serve, and we find this in the letter to the Hebrews.

Sandy Shaw was able to do it and she is not the only one, there are many like her who have been faithful and obedient and true to the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ.

For each of you to whom God has listens with sensitive delight, to receive teaching in tuning up the mind and then the lips where the note is played for real, and to play again in the spirit and to release such sounds of power and animation.

The Psalmist saw something of the same reality in the life of David.

These words run to establish a Canaanite princess who was the mother of the future king, Saul or Abimelech, as Luke calls him.

In her hands lie the twin lakes – Ephrath and Melchizedek, these great seas were a hundred miles long.

This is the great Melchizedek, when one of these great waters turned red, and causing her great sorrow, she cried, and caste this sorrow to the ground.26 And when she had cried, she said,Cry also O Lord, bring mercy and be gracious to me. Then the priest answered her, saying,Do not thou say, Trouble and trouble? for God hath won thee.

Here is vital truth. There is no room for God to rescue His people and look, and berieved.

Many people are weeping and carrying this sad burden for others.

People look for alleviation and relief and resolve and relaxation and peace but the bible is speaking of something greater and higher.

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Jesus Christ Is Interested In And Concerned About Your Circumstances More Than You May Realise!
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