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Jesus Christ – Answerable To God?

One of our main problems is that we are trying to please God by our good works, and we do this for God’s approval. So in the end we don’t really please Him.

Yet, if you are holding out for God to give you the best He has for you, He will do so if you qualifies.

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Does this not sound like worship? Of course it does. We are trying to come close to God, and we are seeking to be worthy of what God has planned for us, and we can only qualify for it by believing what He has said.

Yet, if we are holding out for God’s approval, we will never please Him, because we are never totally sure if He is approving of us, especially in difficult seasons.

And even if we do obey Him, we risk offending God, because we are trying to meet the time of His approval, and we are not sure He is giving us the right season. So we start to doubt Him, and we risk rejection.

What we need to do in these seasons when we are discouraged by the circumstances of our lives is to dig deeply into the Word of God, and find the promises connected to the particular situation, then we must weigh them in the balance as God (and His Word) has said, and then we can accept and obey or deny these promises.

In difficult seasons when we should be lowest, we need to be reminded that God is always there for us, anytime we call on Him. God can’t reject us, any more than He can reject any child of His. When we find ourselves lowest, we need to be reminded that God is always waiting to show us how to rise again, how to smile again, how to continue to serve Him in His way, and to teach His Word to others.

When we really consider the point of the Gospel, and the harms consequences connected to it, we should never forget these, and we must never forget the goal of the Gospel, for the Gospel is not only designed to comfort and forgive us, but it is also designed to be the One Exposing evil, for our sake. Thus, our main duty towards the end of our lives is to stop sinning, and to become stars for God.

S O God, give me a heart that grasps the evil that is in this world, and grant me the grace that I need to be able to see that it is not right, but that I may, after this come and go, and come again when this is all over. AMP

Jeremiah 15:32 (KJV) Then I will restore to you the years that the subduing providence (els or calamity) brought on you, the one year and ten years, saying unto you, That ye should number the days from the day that it was decreed, until the end timm of the generation. 33 If ye numbered the days from the going forth of the creation, even unto the going of the heavens and the earth, according to the number of your companions, it shall be counted unto you as mine companions. 34 But if ye numbered the days from the going out of the creation to the going out of the heavens and the earth, according to the number of your companions, it shall be counted unto you as mine companions. AMP

Ephesians 4:8-10 (KJV) 8For it is the Lord’s pleasure to unite all things under himself, things that are in heaven, and things that are on earth, 9even in things presently below, and things that are in the heaven above. 9And cause the same to be established for [all] them that love [Him alone] and keep [His Whole] commandment, to declare the praises of him in and through their words; 10And to know the joy [that is] of the Lord, being mindful always of him, that, the peace of the soul, and the joy of the Lord, wrestling together, contrary to pass away their calamities. AMP

Philippians 4:13 (KJV) Blest (prakaz) I pray God of my heart, the [outcome] portion (or portion of the privileges reserved for me by the Lord) to the uttermost both in Philippi and in Thyatira,14 commanding the peace of God and of the love of God and of the knowledge of Jesus our Lord; to the narrow and living room of the house of God in Philippi, which is called following the ways of the Gentiles, and walk in them,15 Knowing this so that I have already attained to (consecrate and crown) that which is exceedingly and abundantly above all that we haveQUESTION OF THE WONDER OF LIFE EACH UNEMBER. E.

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Jesus Christ – Answerable To God?
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