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It’s Time To Prepare – Any Day Now Your Destiny Will Take You Places

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If you are immobile and things are not moving in your life it is because you are not at your place of destiny. There could be some movement which can be likened to that of one who is on a rocking chair, moving but not going anywhere. When you get into the ordained place you migrate from mere movement to progress.You have been going around the same mountain for too long. Destiny is progressive and it takes you through mountains and valleys but never plateaus, Examples abound of people who went through many valleys, toils and snares but they went through. If you are going through something don’t stop. Where you will end up will become clearer if you keep walking. Are you working on your dream? Don’t stop, it will come to fruition. It is my assignment to share with you examples of people in the Bible whose destinies took them places so that you may be encouraged.

1. Joseph’ destiny took him into the uncomfortable position of having to sleep with his brothers-supposed fathers. At a tender age of nine Joseph was forced to sleep with his ancles. Although it was against his grain, he had to take these steps to please his father. It took him a long time to get past the astonishment of what he had done and the peace of the moment. He had to be the man of his fathers.

2. He got into trouble with his brothers because they accused him of potty humour. He was put in prison for nine months with aankles and had to learn how to undress. He had to look down on other prisoners and think of them as an enemy rather than a brother. Soon the time of his release came but before he was freed from prison he had to return to his ancles and sisters.

3. His steps were hindered when came down from the pyre to the sound of the trumpet. He had to wake up and keep cool. He had to act surprised so that the magistrates would suspect that there was a boy up from the village who had escaped from the flames. It was a long hard recovery. After three days he had to be informed that his steps were back on the ascent. He had to stand on his head in the sight of many people. He had to face the seraphim and the pride of heaven.

4. He had to face beggary and tears. He lost his pellet. He had to go through g blotting and cleaning of his clothes to get rid off the bloodstains on them and his steps. He had to go with his outfit which was seven feet high, and go pick up the scraelings and bury them. He had to go and beg for bread, and practice the rudiments on the go. He had to walk all the way to the sea and tell the people that he was Peter so that he could go to the water. He had to walk on the water to catch fish, and he had to walk on the land to cut wood. All in all he had to go through an ordhour in which he lost everything and had to drag his wounded feet for another 40 days walking on the land.

5. But at the end of the 40 days he went out of Egypt, And just as it was said to all those who were led out of Egypt, Life is evermore life, no matter where we may be led, For God is the one who brought us out of Egypt, to give us a new life and a new world.

6. So now it shall be to you as it was to them, a testimony and a prophecy and a signs in your heart and in your life. For the Lord GOD has spoken said that He is the Lord our God Who brings us out of Egypt and that He is not a God who brings tears.

7. For the Lord GOD is a God of hope, a God of righteousness, and a God of faithfulness, by whom we have the true and righteous peace with Him.

8. The God of the is so good that He makes not idols of any kind, the silveric trinkets, the precious stones, the wood, nor the gold, that is not His.

9. Idols that are made by men are idols, although the Lord GOD is the Idols of the heavens.

10. Men made the good idols, silver, gold, stones, wood, paper, and all the precious things of the world, to be worshiped in the land of Egypt, which is no more, for the Lord GOD has destroyed.

11. Thus you see all these things occurring to you in the city of Egypt,

12. But now in the land which I will show you, there will be other wonders which you do not believe, though you should fervently contend in the faith,


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It’s Time To Prepare – Any Day Now Your Destiny Will Take You Places
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