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Is There Only One Power?

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How different would the world be if we all agreed to follow one power, and one that is within all of us. That power is love. And when we put our focusing on love it is so that the good gets manifested in our lives and the bad gets cancelled out. We can all agree to this power and accept it and if we do we will see our world change for the better.

Is this too complicated for you? Well, then put your thinkingWhere there is two power, either you will see more good or more bad.Is this too much responsibility for you? Well, then release it and it can be easily taken care of and you can focus on the good Mostly the bad things in life get cancelled out by the good.

So by taking our minds off the evil things we can focus on the good and by doing so we can see more good in our lives.As we see more good in our lives we see more love for others and that gives us more compassion and we begin to have more sympathy for others We will then begin to see the money we spend on helping others also bless some other people with our gifts and talents.

So it is very simple yet it is not easy, understand that the more we concentrate on this power and make it part of our lives and our understanding, the more love, compassion and mercy we will begin to experience in our world and it will trickle to others and they will experience it also.

So it is a very basic law of the universe that if good and evil exists then some degree of that good and evil exists in all people.There is some degree of good and evil in everyone.

Some degree of this good and that evil exists in all people.

Why is it that some experience great good and some experience great bad?

The explanation for this lies in the fact that the two powers that are present in all people, life and death, are perfectly balanced each other.If there was a imbalance in one of the those the other aspect will show also. An example of this is in our world today.Where there is more good than bad, more bad than good.That shows up in many different ways.It is something, somewhere, but it is not something we create it or make up.It is a natural state of things.

What can we do about it? Well, everything that we witness in our world today is the effect of an imbalance in one of the two areas in our lives.When one of these areas is imbalanced the other one will be affected with a greater extent.Which one is imbalanced depends on which area you focus your attention on.

For example: Is your focus on your job,which is something that brings you joy? Or is your focus on your family, which is a source of joy? Now you see in your head, both the joys and the problems of your life are in imbalance.So in order to restore the right amount of joy in your life, you focus on your job or your family. Where you go wrong is when you lose focus on one of the areas, which leads you to lose focus on the other areas.

So let’s say you were really focused on your job, then you lose your job and now you are worried about how to support yourself since your focus is no longer on your job. Now you start looking at the other possibilities. Maybe you start looking at jobs you could get now, that are currently available, jobs which are a lot moreastic than the ones you could get at present time. And maybe you start thinking of some of the people who are unemployed.

In this example, there would be some degree to which you would be decreasing, instead of increasing, the amount of jobs available.But these examples are useable in balancing our lives, all we have to do is to adjust our focus, until we get back on track.

The process to be followed before looking at this problem, is to understand first what we want to achieve with our life, then to find the skills to fulfill those desires, then to join a growing community of others who are also trying to achieve the very things we are after, and to find ways to support one another through this growing process.

The best approach to take, to balance this imbalance, is to participate in a group like:

This methodology is used by many religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism,Jainism,Christianity,Shintoism,Islam, etc.This was the methodology adopted by the founder of Hinduism,Vishnu.

Seek justice, complete good, vast wealth, peace, etc.,

No enemies to be made,

A great leader, a son / daughter of God.

Through extremely monitor and sensed discipline.

A path to overcome the limitations of human nature on the path to God realization.

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