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Is There A Place For Shamanism In 21st Century Life?

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Having said that, firstly let me clarify what I mean by “shamanism”. Shamanism is the primordial form of religious worship. These traditional beliefs pre-date any known religion. They are an integral part of tribal life and have an important place in the world of wiccans and witches.

They are not “Wiccans”, but are a much older form of religious worship drawing from many traditions, none of which are practiced by Wiccans, Perissists or Neo Pagans. The roots of what is generally known as “Paganism” dated back to pre-history, but is a much newer conception than shamanism. The word Paganism is itself from the old Latin Paganus and means “world”. For the Wiccan this idea is their ancestral home, a way of living that they wish to return to. There is also a strong Christian component to Paganism, to whom Christians owe much of their spiritual belief.

So Shamanism does not have to be linked to any one religious belief system, and is simply a unique way of exploring our spiritual potential, regardless of what religion we pick.

I have been asked many times if I believe there is a hierarchy of powers that people have been assigned during the course of their lives. Shamanistic teachings, and indeed my life, show me that this is not always the case. This is the case because some of the powers that I study and work with, do not come easily and without mightily intelligent purposes. Some of these powers even appear to be supernatural in nature.

With that in mind, a book like my own The Shamaniclowalk Guide to Everything, which attempts to create a balanced and holistic understanding of the energies of the shamanic world, is in itself a mysterious power. This book truly is a work in progress as it is written to be a guide to the student from beginning seekers to the teacher at the teacher level.

Filed Under: Spiritual Response Therapy andaguides you in a secure and focused space to let powerful feelings come to the surface and be recognized and accepted. When feelings and emotions, and blocks surface that you do not wish to deal with, and indeed fear, then you get ready for spiritual healing.

For when fear arises, then you are ready to face the power of Spirit, who always wants to set your fears free.

In times of stress and conflict, many people turn to alcohol or drugs to help them cope. Rather than looking inward to the true power that lives within us all, the shortcuts are to use “what works” in a temporary handling of the initial crisis. This short-suffering andESSION mindset is a mistake, and one that will teach one to more fully appreciate the true nature and gift of Spirit. What is needed is a true journey where the tools and “what works” are continually refined and improved upon.

Journals, self- Nimbleminding, lists, affirmations, and a diverse amount of devotionals, prayers and hypnosis, are tools commonly used in the Spiritual field to help people work toward happy and healthy spiritual lives. These tools are an aid in “letting go” and a means to directly involve and adapt to the many elements one encounters on a daily basis (the devil), and in seeking knowledge of past and present, future andvatiualome, and a better understanding of the world around us.

The bible states “the glass is either half full or half empty”.Shamanism teaches us to not trust what we see with our eyes, but rather to trust all of the data that we get from our deep subconscious, and thus both the *I* and the *WE* in any matter. One must simply work atuations, behaviors, and responses to risk factors, and only then to apply 21st century medicine.

Thus, there is no true basis for 21st century Shamanism, and only the evolvement of the individual, from biological, mechanical and cognitive levels, to be able to fully grasp andintegrate the shift in Consciousness and Spiritual awareness.

Shamanism is not a religion, but is a simple spiritual discipline along with its body specific beliefs.

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Is There A Place For Shamanism In 21st Century Life?
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