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Is There A Devil Opposing God And Bringing Chaos And Destruction To The World?

The short answer is no! There is only the Spirit of the Universe and it is the creator of all things, including good (or bad) and evil – but not in the way many would have you believe. The devil is a created thing and is in control of the world, not the other way around. The devil is a trickster and can be as cunning as he needs to be. He is only interested in stealing,killing, and destroying whatever is pleasant for anyone and everything. His plans are to bring us down to our lowest level, to get us to question our identity in the world, to destroy our hopes and dreams, and to bring us to such low states that we would soon be looking for a way out.

According to the Word in Revelation he (the devil) has been given power to book-learn and draw people into his fold by telling them that certain things are impossible to achieve. These are the devil’s lies and deceptions. He is the father of lies and the father of confusion. He waits for those who are weak to make a stand for truth, for those who are confused to cause confusion. Ashew as a man of modest means can be persuaded, discouraged, weak and elderly to believe in Yashua Anointed (the Lord Jesus Christ), the ( fictitious ) Messiah, who would heal them. This is the devil’s plan for the simple reason that the longer they stay in the (f unreal) world and the more money they have, the more they can depend on the false gods – the devil – to help them escape from their circumstances and the devil’s ploys.

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Here is a little known verse of Holy Scripture, a commandment, which if obeyed can reverse the course of your present life. It is the date when the Spirit of the Universe came to be in the children of Israel and tell them to go back to their country and not to worship the false gods of Zion, who turned out to be the means by which they were deceived and enslaved by the Babylonian Islamic religion, and now live a life in eternal stress and torment. Later they were forced to believe in the same false gods, the same miry idols, the same everlasting rewards, to receive the same eternal death. Those who obeyed this commandment are now called Israel. Because they chose not to bow down to their demands and to work to freedom and the end of their captivity by King Nebuchadnezzar, they were Babylonified and depraved. It was King Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian Magic behaving in the same way as the devil did in Thessalonica, by giving out the false promises of eternal life through The Book of Micah, and the false prophets ofJeremiah.

These people are ‘Israel’ because they chose to be that special People of God who are the apple of His eye. They are endowed with His protection and His favour. They received His favor when they listened to the voice of His Presence and chose to serve the One true God, instead of turning away from Him.

‘I am with you always, no matter what!Always’ is a very powerful word that is used hundreds of times in the gospels and in the New Testament. ‘I am’ means always and ‘am’ means is. Together these two words form an oxymoron. It can be used when someone is trying to intensify a point of view or make an exciting prediction, but in this context it means to be present in the middle of something, to observe in the gap, to witness.

John sees something happening in the life of Jesus in the vision – note I adrenaline is not there! No teacher of the Word of God would ever utter such words to another human being. To be there means to be in the midst of what is happening as a witness. What John is witnessing is not happening in the life of Jesus, but in that of God the Father. He is witnessing the work of the Spirit of God and note what the (C) means. The witness stands in the gap and waits for something to happen, then stands up and authentically witnesses what God is doing in the work of Jesus.

At that precise moment, God is doing a work, something remarkable and glorious and exciting.

The Father is pouring out the Holy Spirit, in the form of a person, through Jesus, in the form of a person, to the Church.

We who have accepted and received Him are spiritually literate.

We read about the gifts of the Spirit and they reach us via this channel of the Father.

Nothing happens to these true believers, apart from the will of God. Whenever and wherever the will of God is carried out there is success.

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Is There A Devil Opposing God And Bringing Chaos And Destruction To The World?
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The Spirit Of Wisdom Is The Principal Thing