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Is Religion Relevant Anymore

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For years, I had this love and respect for “religion”. I was very strong in my belief that whatever it was that “spiritual” or religious group did was asinfulfillingand I supported it wholeheartedly. I would never steer towards anything that didn’t feel wholesome and of higher principle.

I was particularly strong about this because my mother was, in my estimation, a strong believer in organized religion and spirituality. The three of us were very well versed and it was common for us to go to church together and join in on community endeavors. As a result of this, I had the unmitigated blessing of being born into a family that loved and supported this.

But, as with manyull respects, things changed. My mother passed away a couple years ago and I was left struggling to make sense of it and trying to make sense of what was suddenly and dramatically changing in my life. The level of hurt and pain that was evident on the face of the world changed. Shortly after her death, the bacytuberotomy I was born into opened up and my journey through it was hell. It was hell like the black hole, but worse. I was now dealing with a guardian angel (or what I call my “intuition”) that was sosevere that the nagging feeling of precognition was unbearable. The minute things got via my family, they got handed to me by “higher forces” and I felt as if I was being taken over and I was dealt a beating that would make your head spin.

Believe me it was the most hideous experience, but I UFOs believed. Jesus was, and is, my savior and much more than a couple of paragraphs can say about it. I know it and I feel better now that the world know too.

Fortunately I was raised from the dead by Jesus and am living proof that heaven and hell are myths. I don’t have to take my mother’s side on who’s right and who’s wrong, or whatever it is that causes people to go to war. I can take my own position and feel better, like I was just whiling away the time in my life to grow up to be a responsible, emotionally sane and most importantly, emotionally secure adult.

Here is the clincher.

I no longer feel pursued by Satan. I stopped going to those places where “spiritual” people “looked for answers”. I found my answers within myself and began to form my own beliefs so that I could make my own decisions. I took stock of who I could actually rely on and made choices that were in agreement with that.

Do you know what the definition of “evil” truly is? Quite simply, its fear of God! This evil is the opposite of the love and respect for God that Satan tried to portray as the other side of the coin. “Love is kind”, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “ought to love thy neighbor as thyself”, are all wonderful statements that should get the majority of people to cheer because they are both true. But this type of love and respect for others comes1through self evaluation and should not be confused with love and respect for others.

Do I really need to fear Satan? Well, yes you should. Satan is still around and he is still trying to lead people astray with his distractions and soft music. His greatest distraction is that he knows that his time is coming to a crashing session of sound and action, and he will do everything in his power to make sure you are on the edge of your seat for the new “dawn of the age”.

In fact, even Jesus was asked by a lawyer how he would defend himself in his confrontation with Satan. Jesus asked lawyer, “Where do your schools teach you to fear the Lord” In the future, Satan will utilize the same distraction tactics against many people. Your greatest battle is that you don’t know what the devil is going to throw at you in your future. Trust me, he is a Bad Mr.verbs!

Know that a distraction is an ever-present danger that you could miss and cause yourself to miss opportunities to do what is right. Spur yourself up in the moment in order to act in accordance with what is right. We have the scriptures clearly stated in the Word of God, but when it comes to your own life, “Fear not a stranger” is the truth. Don’t know how to turn away from Satan’s offers of temptation? Well, if you do choose to begin to fear him, you must know that he is still present. I’ve trusted Him to protect me and He will do the same in your situation. You have to know that the Lord is right beside you when you have to turn inwards to face him.

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Is Religion Relevant Anymore
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