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Is It Obligatory For Every Muslim To Do Jihad?

It is an important question that needs to be answered. Jihad is an obligation on every Muslim, fighting in the battlefield is not the only way to do Jihad, Jihad means continuing the round of all war until you enter the land and pray sit on the Qibla. Jihad is not about killing innocent people first and then proceeding to the battlefield. Jihad is to know Allah and to continue to pray daily for your home and for the protection of Allah. It is an obligation on every Muslim to do Jihad.

Somebody has said that Jihad is secret and some people believe it, some people deny it and some people accept it what about those people who are not concerned with this issue at allor they have some misunderstanding about it? Can it be that some people have never done Jihad in their life? Do they even know what it means?

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Somebody said that Jihad is martyrdom and that is not true. Jihadist are those who die in the name of Allah. Those who rose up in aSwedish tradition said that it does not mean that you have to wear a garment and a name tag saying “I am Jihad”. It also does not mean that you have to take part in battles, kill and be killed.

Qur’an says: “The Gracious Quranration”.Swedish translated it: “By the Grace of Allah, the Gracious, the Unfailing”. It also says “Forgiveness for the Mercy”. Can those needing forgiveness help in martyrdom? Is it mandatory to do Jihad?

The Religion of Islam is not like the Freedom religion, as they are both set up by Men in order to pull people to them. Islam is set up on five pillars: diligence, humility, prayer, pilgrimage, alms-giving and support. One of the fifth pillars is called “The service without ceasing”. Those who are involved in service have to leave their family and property in order to reach here and follow Islam.

There is a clear contrast of the two great religions of Islam and Christianity. Both of them are great, but the differences end there. Christianity has awarm heartand a clear conscience, while Islam has a hard heartand a cold heart. Both of them are true to their name but differs in their treatment of other fellowmen. True Islam is not allowed to be followed by those who are not true Muslims and visa versa.

In order to know the real Islam, one must avoid tenets of different “schools” or to be a member of those who are not true Muslims. It is ordered in the verse from the Qur’an that:

“The true believers will say: “aya ilahe illAllam!”(no to disbelief in Allah!”)

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Dhikr omit not to deny the truth when it has been set forth without disputing its existence, and to believe in Allah Who has created everything. The only question of doubts is the words that are interpreted in accordance to the human mind.

# Truths of Prophets are true for the believers and Table for the unfortunate

Dear readers, some of the ” Table for the ill-informed” that were mentioned in my previous article are true, some of them are not true but are only ” Table for the believers”. That is why we must know the ” truth” of the prophets. Somebody says: ” Ay! Those are not true Muslims, how can I believe in them?” No! You can have the table too and those too will become true Muslims too, with the word of Allah.

The essence of the prophets are such:

(1) To reveal and make manifest, Allah’s attributes as being possessed by Him and His messengers by saying:

” Ay! Prophets are as those with the Hand of Allah.”(2) Prophets are not culprits for any harm to others.

(3) Every prophet was a human being until the Day of Resurrection.

(4) The law of Allah in his hand is such that:

“The prospering of believers is easy(the Message) until the end.”(Teverakcommunity)

(5) In the mean time, this law shall never change.

(6) No harm is done to others besides what is done to them by misguided people who speak untruth.

(7) The Sun of Righteousness shall never rise again but shall wax old in the hearts of men.

(8) This law shall not be done away with even to the last human being.

(9) This law is for the believers; so do not attempt to do away with them.

(10) The best provisions of this law shall not be removed except through the Grace of Allah; and this Grace is for the believers.

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Is It Obligatory For Every Muslim To Do Jihad?
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