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Just yesterday I was thinking about how invisibles work in our lives. What invisible forces, what invisible influence causes the universe to exist in the way it does? When speaking about invisible forces, people immediately automatically think of ghosts, ghosts and unusually high energies. While that may be the case, or at least it should be, there’s another kind of invisible energy which is just as important: the energy of thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, energies, and vibrations.

Let me explain. We all communicate and interact with energy whether we mean it or not. Even though it may seem obvious, this energy permeates everything, and in order to do this, energy must be the mediator of thought. Energy responds to thoughts and when our thoughts enter a level of consciousness that calls for his special kind of attention, he must be summoned.

Everyone who is aware of his or her spiritual side has encountered the problem of not being able to shut up his or her thoughts; e.g., when you’re trying to concentrate or focus on a specific subject, the mind starts to go into overtime and your concentration is disturbed. You may remember thoughts started that became less kind and more random. To even the odds, your mind is resolute in its determination to go about its self accomplishing task and you call it a day, only to return to the problem or old concern within hours.

Not letting the mind take over is the author’s dilemma, and it is the same for us, more we recognize it and work to have it balanced, so that we can be more effective. In sitting contemplating how invisible energies play into the game of life, it was suggested to take a little different tact and definition of the word. What he suggested is that invisible energies are the etheric forces between us and our objects.

Etheric is made up of three letters, governed by the number 3, which governs the mind. The next letter N means intuition. It is a beautiful theme but not one which headlines. Intuition is that little voice you have within telling you where to go or what to do. For the seeker of intuition, he or she will pay little attention to out-of-control thoughts, because thinking is not intuition, but simple logic. To control thoughts which are not guidance, the great masters advice renouncing thoughts, as after a while those thoughts begin to make of you a slave.

The etheric forces are threefold in nature. These threefold forces are to be found in all religions, none is better than the other. To one side there is the materialistic side of life, to the next there is the animalistic side, and to the last side is the spiritually materialistic. But all these theories and specifically the materialistic theory is only a convenience, and not one of reality. The essential point is that both realities exist within the same reality, and it is this reality that we need to deal with.

For the materialist, his consideration of the universe shows him nothing except matter, that is material, plainly showing his viewpoint. For the spiritually materialistic, his consideration of the universe also shows him nothing except the evidence of nothing, or an illusion. They both lead to the same conclusions. The only difference is that neither is considered the real truth because they are not reality.

A commentary on quantum physics that attempts to show that heredity is not just a mystery does not consider another possible view of the same reality. Why consider the illusion? Because an illusion is something that deprived from its normal form and operation. The commentary might go on to explain quantum physics in terms that are more vivid than that of popular belief, but that would not be considered as the truth by the popular belief.

On television, every week, you see new figures that say new movements in the world are imminent. They say that technology is advancing at such a pace that every day something new will be revealed. But, for the most part, what these scientists seem to be pointing out is the demonstration of so-called science. They are in a sense, showing us that there is no ultimate reality. Each new piece of knowledge shows this to be true. Although there is no fundamental reality, there are many problems that science seeks to fix.

Scientific quantum physics is not the only problem it is a part of. Non-science is a problem, as the popular belief about science is a product of popular prejudice, not the reality. Popular prejudice is not the reality.

When common sense is broken down into pieces, it shows its illogical nature. Individual beliefs are broken down into their component parts, and those parts are then solved individually. But the component parts of common sense are preserved intact as solid impenetrable whole.

The propositions in quantum physics are not at all different from these. rejects theNOW, and tends to view the universe in the past or future.

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