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Inscribed On The Soul

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According to my research I have recently started to check up on some of the ancient cultures and one of them is the Egyptian. Since we are all approaching the end of the Mayan Calendar of the ancient Mayans, I started to do some research on them to see what their beliefs were and where they considered witchcraft to be.

Among the Egyptians, witchcraft could be considered against the law. Inably, it was illegal and punishable to be a witch and many individuals or families may have lived in fear of such. Ancient Egypt was a big power and if you did not follow the ways of the Nile, you were not safe from their eye for plots and reflections.

But, looking at some of the psychological insights that the Egyptians had about life, I saw something that connected all the ages and a lot of the ancient cultures.

Their strong belief was that one could teach and learn by doing and not just reading and listening to a teacher. In fact, it was said that if you were a healer or a priest, you did not need a teacher, because the lessons were self-educated.

They believed that there were some things in life beyond the obvious and that they could not see them with the naked eye. This included the spirits and angels. Thus, they thought no one could see them and that it was better to just know they existed, to avoid the awkward situation if something bad happened to you unwittingly due to such something not being seen, or because a loved one had committed suicide.

But, Angels and Spirits are actually human spirits, as are the fallen angels and demons. In other words, the practices of the Celts, Jungs and many other religions recognized them and did not judge them out of existence.

Regardless, the ancient Egyptians loved their Gods, since they were the only ones they could relate to. In fact, the Nile ceremonies were held specifically to honor them. The Gods were their honored in all of life. This is why the word Nuce (All) means All. An ancient Egyptian civilization vanished along with its art and tools, but the Divine Princess of The Nile, including the Gods, lived on.

Today, we are not so different. While we honor the Gods of our respective religions, we often cruellyDiscourage our children from even touching these God-like figures and embracing their inherent wisdom. Rather, we want to uplift them into modern ways, rather than into ancient history. The time is wrong, and we sweetly (or not so sweetly) call it modern.

But this is a ruinous attitude indeed, mainly because it is excluding those who do not fit into modern beliefs, or who do not fear similar oppression in their own lives (not that the oppressors of others are all bad people, mind you, just the ones who have power over us). Modern parents, modern spouses, and modern friends all tend to speak in the first person about their problems. This starts a flood of fear, not matter how well intentioned, and it drowns out the voice of spirit that is (or should be) included in our personal conversation.

An understatement, this is also why the voice of spirit can never be heard in our personal conversations.

But parents, friends, and spouses can only speak in the second person and a last person plural. The reason for this is quite simply that the oppressor seeks to hear what he or she may personally have to say about the situation, whereas the oppressed spirit quietly desires that facts and realities speak for itself and not to be drown out by weaves of surround sound.

The oppressor hears first and foremost the screams of his or her own personal suffering or outrage. The oppressed spirit has either not enough space to hear this noise or chooses to ignore it, thus, distorting the appearance of the truth by their own fear, anger, or frustration.

While it is difficult to give precise wording, here is what it is not, and it is not aboutountain spanners:

It is not a question of discipline.

The child does not lose the ability tooriginalizeat the time of loss, harm, or denial.

Beyond the screams of pain is the cry of all children, and all humanity, and only those who forget this note never know the real placeis ours when we each fail to listen with the inner ears and look up just in time to avoid the rapture altogether, or look away from the flames in time to correct the imbalance, not only of one soul to another, but to us all down the line.

This is the reason why we must honor the individuated form, intelligence, and experience of the spirit who offers us the gift of choice in order to know the entirety of one’s total potential and share one single evolutionary breath with others.

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