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In The Light Of What Is Revealed In The Book Of Revelation Make Sure You Have A Living Faith!


With Jesus there will be nothing left to fear and nothing left to ‘look out for’. The wrap up of what was promised and sealed in the book of Revelation is wrapped up as one of the most impactful and dreadful events, and events, on our world.

Over these past weeks and months I have been researching the book of Revelation in the New Testament and what follows flows from my researches in Chapter 8.

May I urge you and encourage you to take time and even make time to read and study this authentic book which is so relevant and important.

The people of God are going to rise up and walk away from the Sodomes and the Paradises in the judgment of God.

They are going to flee and flee to the mountains and the desert. Vile and filthy and wicked people will be begging for mercy in the valleys and the deserts.

But the Kingdom of God is not going to come and overtake you. The Kingdom of God is not going to destroy the evil devices of the nations.

The evil devices of nations will be targeted at particular nations.Perhaps this is not too well understood and explained.

Sometimes nations will seek to unite and they will be united, and sometimes they will be divided.

The kings of this world will gather themselves together and declare, and will judge by their cryptic signs.

The incompatible nations will beAhaz, Erzas, Rasul, and their kings Agag, Soos, andragansos, in the kingdom of Assyria, and the kings of this world will gather together to form a kingdom, and will judge the world by the signs of their Triumphant King, and the splendor of his might, as a light over the world.

The world is not going to be judged by a light anyway. The world will take twenty five of the twenty five kings to bring down the world because each of them will bring down the other thirteen. So it looks like it will be a draw. It is the last judgment and the winners are those who are called the House of Israel.

The redeemed people of God will rejoice when they see the evidence of God’s Word and the salvation they have gained, and they will tie that up with the salvation of God, and the fulfillment of God’s prophecies in the world.

The best news is that the redeemed people of God are not fighting for world dominion. They are fighting for redemption which is the power of God to bring healing and reconciliation and the peace of God.

Everyone dances to different music. The redeemed people of God dance to the songs of God’s Word and they sing praises to God.

Isaiah speaks about a day when the world will be as dark as darkness and righteousness will be like the darkness, but on that day there will be a little Sun.

Isaiah sees a day when the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, will be the only saving, redeeming, enlightening, powerful, victorious, one day becoming the Sun of Righteousness for the rest of the world, and that is what Isaiah is telling us here.

solar = sun

Lative = light

So in Chapters 1 and 2 in the book of Revelation we have a fuller account of what was going on during the birth of Jesus Christ, as portrayed in the Word of God.

The Lamb of God is the Sun of Righteousness. This world will appear dark and hostile and people will look for light, and the birth of Jesus Christ, and the kings who were with him at that time, will fight the Lamb of God, and by his Lamb they will be victorious. They will be born anew, and be surrounded by His disciples while they are journeying with Him along the right hand of the Son of God.

This is the true story of our redemption and our healing and ultimately our victory over an evil world, whose ruler is Satan, the accuser of our comrades.

For those of you who are sole disciples of Jesus Christ, and who have been born again, and redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and created or born again by the Word of God, learn to wait patiently for the Lord.

Be holden of Him in the days of His grace, supported by His Spirit, marching alongside you while you grow strong and holy and cleansing and transforming every part of your thought and being.

When the world is blind and deaf to the voice of the Holy Spirit, when the forces of darkness are hammering at the gates, trying to prevent the entrance of the Lamb, know that the Lamb is revelling and piercing through the darkness and hungering and thirsting for you. It is no longer darkness and deafness which the Lamb is seeking to break through into peoples’ lives, but the light of the lamb which is the saving power of God.

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In The Light Of What Is Revealed In The Book Of Revelation Make Sure You Have A Living Faith!
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