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In Developing An Open Heart

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When you look at the world around you that is what you see. Looks can be deceptive. The older we get the more we tend to believe the things we see… in this life or other lives. And when we believe the world is the way it appears to be… we look and sound a lot like a lot of our fellow brothers and sisters who don’t have open hearts.

Opened Hearts

A Beautiful Story

I was attending a function at my church (Apostolic Assembly of beachcombing, principally led by Fr. John-Roger) fifteen years ago. At this fatty feast I was a speaker of a homily, inspiring and worshiping the God of my childhood. The story I heard in the homily was one which I had cherished. It was one in which my young heart was teared and pulsed with the devotion of anOpen HeartGod.

The Heartway

It all started back in 1987 when I was twelve years old. I was on my sixth or seventh year with my mother and other siblings were… mostly focused on school, work or pleasing my father. Around this time, I had also started to spend more time with a friend I affectionately referred to as “the psychic.” Her gentle yet kind telepathic voice and ways of relating to life had begun to open my young heart. I think that it was Around that time that a minor miracle occurred. I was often sitting near the ceiling in my parents’ bedroom, peaking over the top of the old jammies into a vantage point; either down or up, I was always intently observing the clearings below. I came to believe that the clearings below were produced by an intensely loving eye, and obscuring the view of the Clearings Above.

The first time I noticed the Clearings Above was sometime during one of our nightly mountain bike rides when we would pass many large clouds passing slowly in the sky. Often I would gaze fixedly at them but I noticed something remarkable that I had never seen before. It was the presence of an Open Heart.

From that vantage point, I noticed that an Open Hearted, contacting heart was present. The way I describe it is a “love letter” of sorts, letting me know that the heart above me is there to invite me in as well. I then began to ask myself”, how many of these Open Hearts are there throughout the world? How many of these Open Hearts are carrying geraniums full of love? Can I actually let every person that I come into contact with enter into my Open Heart, and would they be willing to receive me?”

After many days of being inquisitively curious, I would ride my bike all over town asking myself the same question over and over again, asking everyone that I came across, searching for the Open Heart in everyone that I encountered. I noted their intentions on their faces, and the way their eyes looked. I compared the way their smiles seemed to be, the way they nodded their head and held up the hands motions as if to say, I love you too. As I ride my bicycle around the city, I am hoping that I will do to this Open Heart, what my Happy Birthday present of a week long Maker’d signed is trying to do to me… sign me up.

In the week since my birthday, I have made several stops to have my Birthday Joy aura glow; one week was absolutely amazing. I met a wonderful young woman who is training to be a Psychic light workers, I did this meet and greet, she lives alone by choice in the burbs and I thought she had spoken a language that I could not keep up with and without reading my book, I would have to make an appointment with her!She did wake up the other day, can you guess the name of her astrologer?Her father owned the club that I ran for one year, I did meet her dad and his wife and she was adamant about keeping her dad’s name out of the club, something she understood. I should have been confused at the time, but I had such faith in her, I stopped myself and told her, “yn there is nothing strange about that, we are all of one mind and there is no such thing as opposition, everyone is on the same plane and mind level and its only the illusion of separateness that causes the trouble.” I know that I am on the same plane as her, and have spoken her language, the illusion of separateness does not exist.

Religion tells us that there are forces at work, things out there to destroy us and grab us, and that is true. But in truth it all comes back to how we view the illusion of separateness.

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In Developing An Open Heart
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