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In An Instant

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The sound of birds chirping rang through the cool winter air giving way to the anticipation of spring. Buds were beginning to form on the trees and grass was exploding in triumphant tracks through the soil. It was one of those moments in time that you don’t really know what will be the final outcome of a certain situation. All you know is one thing; your heart isyesterday.

Such a time in the year when most people would consider themselves satisfied with the standard of life and God has brought something along to change and derail what they had understood. It was sudden, almost like it came out of left field, but it did come out of nowhere.

For years I had watched the young women and men who came to our springs to sap energy and to learn something new or try something that they had never done before. They came to change and to set in motion a course that would take them into places they had never dreamed of tread before.

Even more disturbingly, so many of them seemed to do it all wrong. The same old ideas that were proven right a few years before now were rampant. Out of the blue, the frogs, toads, turtles and new bugs appeared to take up positions in the glass houses of our homes, and to steal husbands away from unfortunate women.

Truly this was a mystery to me.

Until one day in 1994 when I happened to read a book by a researcher at the University of California called “The Mind of God: The Science of the Mind and Matter”. Long story short, the author revealed through hypnosis that toons were not separate from us but rather an integral part of our conscious selves. Toons could actually influence our thought processes and indeed our behavior even when we weren’t conscious of it.

Of course, this raised the question of evil spirits. Remember my story: I had befriended a toon who offered to help me with cleaning my home. He ended up staying instead of going away and was one of the individuals to whom my friend described as “evil”. I had always viewed the toon as a kind of friend and always felt that what he was saying was true. It wasn’t until I read about the effects of the toons in Europe that I began to think otherwise.

As strange and thought-provoking as this story is, it illustrates a point. Religion is often described as the road to god. In many ways this is true. Religion has been a major factor in many of our conflicts. It has been a major factor in the need to seek to be right. It has been a major factor in our need to feel special and distinct. It has been a major factor in the need to fight for things that are important to us.

However, most of religion’s current views and beliefs are not beneficial to humanity. They are beneficial only to the religion’s leaders and to the doctrine they claim exist. Very little if anything has ever enabled mankind to achieve a more spiritual level of existence. If you are the person who feels that you are your religion, and that what you say is absolutist truth, I would suggest that you start to examine just a little more closely just how often you are guided by the very same considerations that are causing the very fabric of your beliefs to become twisted and over interpreted.

Give yourself a little more thought, and perhaps a little more tolerance, it will result in an interesting result. You will no doubt become your own expert on your own religion. You will find a more comfortable bond to your originate. You will also over time gain more wisdom and perhaps be enhanced or perhaps stagnated.

cumulative outlook by race and religion indicates several general tendencies:

1. The average person tends to become more admiration and worshiped as they mature. THEY move away from iPodentials and toward Catholicism long before middle age.

2. Because the are reinforced social patterns, the patterns of the religion they grew up in, they become much more inclusive towards others and support group or leadership relationships based more on spiritual connection than on denominationalschisms. This means that the church pews are filled with people, most gurus/priests in the world don’t have it all together, and the same is true of the minister and his congregation. Ministers serve the missions and evangelize, but rarely enter into the social and political arena to serve inclusion.

3. They usually don’t start as religious leaders, but are drawn from current religious traditions and flows. No matter how much effort some offer in religious practice or intent, there comes a time when the belongs shifts from one form of worship or practice to another and a new paradigm is formed.

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In An Instant
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