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Imentary Everything – A Road- Blessing

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Whole foods, natural bathroom cleaning, walking and getting fit are just a few of the many movements we know about to improve our health. One movement we haven’t talked about yet is the healthiest diet–that of cleansing and nourishing our bodies on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual, limiting our exposure to potentially harmful stimuli.

Think of it like this: If you have a body that is sick, does that mean that you should have a sick body? Not really. So first you need to cleanse something that is not working for you or something you are not familiar with. The type of cleansing you need will definitely familiarize you. It will probably contain things you have never heard of before and likely never even seen. But that doesn’t matter, so long as you can recognize the results in your life in some way.

I can say that I feel much better than I used to, and my tolerance for stress is definitely much higher than it used to be. I also have a greater ability to gauge what I feel like in a stretch before I even try to do something. I also have the inner awareness to give myself whatever encouragement I need to do something. So I’m definitely living the life that is more my own, though I like to think I’m a pretty decent soul.

What I have learned over the course of my cleansing journey is this:

1) Cleaning out my soul is a fulfilling experience. I find inspiration and really positive changes about who I am just by writing out my honest feelings and thoughts.

2) I can communicate with the angels through the work I do for books and unsolicited angel readings.

3) I am sensitive to the angels and the change that they reveal. Some of the revelations are revelations in the sense that change is revealed and the information is not something that is known in advance. Perhaps it will be the biggest revelation of all: I have a soul.

4) A total sense of understanding for every little challenge I face, each one of my major flaws, so I don’t make the same mistakes in my life.

5) The ability to keep my thoughts clean so that my mind doesn’t produce just the same old repetitive traumas and babes that I’ve been known to produce. There are no accidents in life. They are put in your system for a reason.

6) Even though I may feel depressed at times, I can always count on my angels to be there for me when I really want them to be.

7) I only have one fear, which is that of fire. I have learned through the many years of healing for my fear of fire that it only means that I am drastically in love with fire and I am comfortable when I embrace it.

After being cleansed from the entities, I then asked my angels a question. I wanted to know what love would look like with those three principles.

So here is what they showed me:

1) Peace

2) Joy

3) Happiness

4) Freedom

5) Perfect health

6) Wisdom

And here are the love rules I spontaneously came up with.

* I only let myself feel love for 10 minutes a day.

* I try to express love while I’m showering, drying, and blowing off my grout.

* I don’t feel lustful or greedy. Just love.

* I give at least 10% of my income to charity.

* I research charity foundations and learn about their mission.

So, that’s how I determined my love life. It isn’t up to me. Anyone can form an affirmation for themselves. I just found a handful of affirmation about what love means to me or that I like, accept, and have a deeper understanding about that. If you are looking for customisable love rules, I think this technique will do it.

As we all know, money is great. Money enables us to have whatever we want. Our money actually ought to enable us to give at least to charity. I believe that it is one of the hardest things in the world to both live in poverty and to also give to the charitable organizations that we already have a lot of money. Seems both are related. The more money you have, the more you are exposed to poverty and the more you feel you don’t have enough. When you do give to others, you are actually providing a service to others. Those who don’t have the money will always be dependent on others which is not great for the soul. When you live with an attitude of sharing, you are helping others at no cost to yourself who will be in turn providing more to others. Two virtues: detachment and compassion. You can totally change your attitude and take your need for attention to provide to others.

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Imentary Everything – A Road- Blessing
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