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If There Is An After-Life, What Is It Really Like?

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There are similarities between certain death and other deaths that are almost impossible to detail or describe, but we can received some insight from them. It may not be the reality but what we can get is just some information. It might just add to the feeling of mystery and mystery is often the first thing that is missing in our final days.The point of this article is not to give us the answer to the existence of afterlife but it may be able to answer many questions about life after death that we need to know.

1. What happens before death?

The origins of life begins in the spirit world before physical birth and recovery from birth. Thus, before a new physical body has been given, the cellular memory from the spirit world is recreated in the womb of the mother.

2. What happens after death?

A survival personality or spirit remains on the earth plane to collect experiences and memories and build on these. After death, the spirit collected experiences and memory is disentangled from the body and memories by the biological mind, the central nervous system and is released to the innocent etheric mind and frog called personality.

3. What is the spirit’s purpose?

motivates the behavior of the spirit. The spirit’s purpose is the evolution of the soul in the spiritual system. The soul is a life force that serves the spirit. The spirit has knowledge of the environment, the vibrations of the etheric vehicle and is able to affect these vibrations according to the plans and purpose of the soul.

4. What happens after death?

The shielded spirit starves for a while after death because it has not the ability to collect energy on the physical plane. The spirit starves for the simple reason that it has not been able to draw down enough energy from the other components of its being to sustain itself in the vibratory state that it had achieved in life. The spirit is kept alive by the absorbs of other components of its physical make-up.


The soul is our last assessment of our state of being. It is our last projection of self and therefore our last merge with the universe. The soul has no future other than into the next incarnation, therefore, is completely at the end of the chain of life and death. The soul has no past.

HEART term

The heart is representative of the soul, as it is the seat of our conscience. The soul has no conscience; it simply is. The heart senses all that happens to us in our life; it records these occurrences and translates them into something that we can understand. The heart is associated also with GOD, because God made us as we are. However, most people never even heard of the heart.


We think that the soul is an entity in itself that is separate from the body. The reality is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The body is a component of the whole and cannot be understood separately, cannot be understood nor even cared for separately. To truly appreciate the soul, we must also realize that it is greater than our greatest understanding.


To truly grasp our soul we must challenge itself to rise above our limited perceptions. Here are a few questions that can help challenge whatever beliefs we may have on the subject. Ask yourself these questions and you may find the answers more enlightening and also more interesting.

What if the soul isn’t this entity that can be contacted, seen or felt? What if our soul is not this dead thing living inside of us? What if what we consider a soul is really a primitive snapshot of something much more advanced and what we consider ourselves as a livingaji? The questions are many and the answers are endless. This challenge is a great opportunity.

What is inside of me?Who are all these thoughts made of?Where was all this angst developed and what purpose is there in remembering?Why is it so important to know the meaning of painful past? Does it have a purpose?

The answers to these questions may leave us with an altogether different perception of the true nature of the soul. It is amazing to think that on one hand we have a body and a mind. On the other hand, there is this spiritual part of us that is hidden away deep within. Some of us have buried this spiritual part out of fear and uncertainty or we may have been too prideful or stubborn to openly seek the answers to these questions. All I’m wanting to say here is be prepared for something strange and unexpected. Perhaps all of your questions will be answered and it is a surprised turn of events. Don’t be afraid of asking your spiritual side. The more aware we become of the meaning of this journey the more empowered we can be.

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If There Is An After-Life, What Is It Really Like?
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