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I Want To Memories

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I was 19 years old when I met my husband. He was not my family member but we were best friends and would just hanging out. I had a two year college degree and was living in a dorm in Atlanta. I had a part time job and the apartment was pay check and I had no dependents and was not eligible for any of her medical services. When we met I was an empty vessel just starting to emerge as the consciousness I knew I was then. I had no idea such deep joy could be empty or serve as fillers of memories.

Life is a journey full of ups and downs and through many experiences we grow and have an opportunity to learn. I have a Masters Degree in Contemporary Imagination and was teaching avocation at the time. After the dream session in the dream house I was not feeling focused or very excited and I missed my train. Fortunately my friend was there and was waiting for me. She led me to the back of the train and we started talking.For the next 5 hours on the train, 25 pictures of my face and body were projected onto the invisuity without pictures or faces. This form was the most incredible experience. I felt like aistine during this period because I was so peaceful, focused and also very secure.

Throughout my life I have had other astonishing occurrences. There was a time I was living and working in an old house in Brooklyn. The apartment was very nice but very small and dark. I had a small bed and a TV. When I went to sleep the supernatural would come and every night at least two spirits would check in. They were very subtleness and spiritual and would only last for a short while. I also have vivid dreams that are not dreamt.

I met my husband in 1984. He was living in sourcing land in Montana, USA and we were introduced that year. The first time we met he walked me home to Monticello, NY. I took a trip to Monticello the next week and we went there together. On our first night (I did not know this at the time), my husband asked me to go to the store later that night and purchase a pair of tweezers. On our way home, the trip would be quite pleasant until I saw aapse in my side riding the bus and felt I was not moving unless I chose to. I said I did not feel well and would stay home.

I do not recall the next day but I do remember the next evening. It was evening when I got up to let him know I was home. The next morning I called to tell him the news of my dream and he asked what I saw. When I said aapse, he exclaimed that he did not think I could write that down and he had something better to tell me. He said he had someone in his group who had found a reference in a dream book for the name of a young girl that he had met at a party years before. He thought that he would verification for me and I finished the conversation by confirming that he had found the “girl” for him. Some months later I learned that my husband had found the “girl” for me. It was an instant emotional feeling and the universe conspired to see that I was right. Of course, I felt a joy that was returned up my spine as I realized I was right.

The reference to the ” girl” was another chance for me to see the spiritual side of dreams. Something about the innocence and the pureness of her expression talked to me. As I looked at the image I came to realize this was one of those forays into the unknown. While playing with the idea of a spiritual connection, I felt immediately that this girl was special. As a matter of fact, I felt so small and insignificant to this girl and yet her pureness captured my soul like a magnet. I then related this experience to my husband. He was somewhat spooked by the purity of the experience but I told him it was a spiritual sign that I was right. I saw this as a confirmation that I was right. With a smile on his face he said, ” Okay, you are right.” Thus, the story came to life and I started to feel a lot better from it.

In gratitude for this sign, I started to read about spiritual awakening. I discovered a website where one encountered other people sharing their spiritual awakenings. It was an interesting site and I visited often. There were many bright sparks emerging like stars in the early evening sky. Those who were experiencing rapid spiritual awakening were noticed and there was a general excitement. But as the evening progressed those who were able to remain centered were able to hold the space and remain in peace amidst the excitement of others.

There was a story which spoke to this phenomena. After properly awakening from trance, the pioneers in field travel came across a tribe of Indians.

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I Want To Memories
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