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I Shall Lay My Hand On The Sick And They Shall Recover

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Jesus Christ promised his disciples that greater things shall they do in his name. In the name of Jesus, when hands are laid on the sick, they shall recover. The nature of a sickness is not a parameter to the efficacy of the healing that comes upon the oppressed when the hands of an anointed child of God are laid on the oppressed. I have not spoken all that I know concerning the scripture but only what I have learned from the best selling book of all times, the Bible.

The devil usually afflict individuals with one ailment or the other and Enjoy the satisfaction that the affliction gives to him. If not, the individual would continue in the sickness. Time never afflicts the sickness but the sickness has the power to afflict the individual.

A pilot that has airforce planes withoutachable parts, with his energetic vibrations lost in his atmosphere will certainly land his aircraft even on mountains. If air force planes cannot fly, he will take to the skies and soar toward the skies. If a man cannot go within, he will stay in his house. This is a strong surge from my brethren that the sickness can easily be cured just like my pilot. I believe that there exists some highly developed individual that has the power to heal even a broken heart.

If there is anyone that can heal even a broken heart through the power of his anointing, then that same power has the potency to cure the broken spirit of man but the individual must first be willing to go within and have the eyes of faith to see the truth.

We cannot heal with the power of our hands but with the exceeding power of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. An individual that has been connected to the realm of spirit from the time he exercised his gift of healing from the minute he exercised his function on the day of Pentecost used to say that when you touch someone with your hands, they will receive the manifestation of your presence, when you speak, they will hear the words that come from your mouth but the word in your voice will reach to their spirit and they shall live.

There are many ways to share the anointing but the key to this is to share the gospel with the hurting person. After we bless and encourage the person who is involved in need, we must lead him to believe that not only do we believe this but we are willing to assist with any type of help that will bring healing. The individual should also be made to understand that he can haz bond with us by sharing our faith with him. We are responsible to show him that with our words and our faith, we can bring harmony to the burdened heart.

Some healing missions actually are conducted out-of- kidnapped personnel, by operating entities that are known as flame throwers, toxicants, demolition teams and any other types of teams that can penetrate any barriers that stand in the way to healing of wounded souls. The Flame Thrower assists in guiding the individual on a personal healing journey as there is a constant need to observe and listen to their personal needs. The individual may or may not receive their healing for a specific time frame. There is also healing but it depends on the nature of the individual and the circumstances to complete the healing.

Healing can also come from reiki, prayed healing, Esti Shumaan, shusui healing, dance on rocks, singing and music, singing and music (the art of music is governed by International Arts Law–knowingly or unknowingly by receive various arts laws from foreign countries. Music is one of the primary healing elements that can be used for healing. There is a wide variety of tai chi styles of dance that are popularized for healing the mind, body and spirit. Happily, traditional tai chi styles are completely made to promote health and well-being).

Meditation helps to connect to the spirit and to get in touch with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. When it is combined with prayer it has the power to make huge improvements in the individual’s life if they include it in their daily ritual.

In conclusion, prayer is the means by which we can heal an individual. The most effective means of healing an individual truly depends on the sincerity and dedication of the healer to the healing process.

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I Shall Lay My Hand On The Sick And They Shall Recover
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