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I Received A Gift Of Daily Bread

water droplets on glass window

Creator sent me an angel at Christmas, just the day before my birthday.

It was the same angel that he sent to my mother at the latter’s house on the day of her passing.

Creator promised to talk to me and my brother more often after my passing. So, on my birthday, when I received the message from my angel, I was surprised. I didn’t think my angel had received me, as I only received the message the day before.

Despite my disappointment, I felt that my angel was telling me that the Creator had sent me a special gift that day — if I could remember to give thanks. I wanted to express my gratitude to my angel.

So I went home and talked to my mother. Then I went to my brothers. Only then did I realize that our pancake was made extra special by our praying together.

I shared with them my idea of the “ayers” of assistance, and the “rulers” of assistance who would help me in exchange for their “righteousness.” I assured my sons that if they ever prayed for things that would improve and repair our home, Creator would certainly bless them.

I told them that I trusted their prayers, but they reminded me that I had to be truthful when I prayed. “Ask and ye shall receive” is where “receiving” comes from. Science had proven that a human being receives things from the environment that they are in.

I asked my sons to tell me if they sensed anything special when they prayed for the house to be repaired. They all did. Only my youngest son, Tim, didn’t sense anything special. He only sensed that he was helping someone else.

When I explained to Tim that the house needed repair, he said, “Well then, it wouldn’t have happened if I was here.”

I’m not sure whether he was saying, “I’m not a huge fan of metaphors,” or “It’s too esoteric for me.”

After I pointed out to him that his interpretation of the event wasn’t logical, logical or true, he said to me, “Yeah, pardon me, but it means that if I’d been here, it wouldn’t have happened.”

I asked him if he knew someone who had been killed or died in a car accident and didn’t “feel” the need to pass judgment on the other person, so they didn’t feel any need to pass judgment on what he was going through. He said he knew someone in the auto accident who wasn’t alive anymore. I asked him if that person had passed on, and he said that person had to pass on sometime.

“And when do they pass on?”

“They pass on when they die.” he answered.

“So, that means that the auto accident isn’t real.”

“No, reality is timeless. The people in the faster lane of traffic that gets you to work in the morning are notrientsas are up.”

“So are the people on the slow lane of traffic theorientation?”

He laughed. “Yeah, they’re oriented. They’re moving in thesame laneas I am — my paintings speakof something that is beautiful that isfor humans that need to be remembered.”

“So how do people in the slower lane know that there is a newstice?” I asked innocuously.

He ignored my question and said, “Well, I’m just the artist — all those people metaphorically paint thereal scene.”

“The scenes shifts, isn’t it? Isn’t that what happens when people are awake?”

“You mean to tell me that the scenes on the outside of my paintings lookreal — as you said — more like a make-believe fairy tale than the truth…?”

“Well, no — butceptionsanquilityandforgivenesscounselthat the real scene is taking place on the inside of your head, and this is making it up on the outside,” he explained.

“They make it up on the outside because they want you to think there is somethingveryreal, that it is real and not something made up.”

“That is the beauty of the human being,” he said softly. “He is aspiritual magnet that when set off in the right in his right mind, will throw off its bands for healing and then stand up anew. I carry a truth in my left brain, and when I call the name, it will throw off its bands.”

“So what is it then that will set off this healing?” I asked innocently.

“I’m the master of the truth, and as I mentioned to you, the truth is all around you –yourself, that is.”

“So that means that the right side of your brain is the truth, and the left is the fake?”

water droplets on glass window
I Received A Gift Of Daily Bread
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