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I Know Where I Came From But The End Is Still Awake

A fearful little child stood outside her house door on a sunny day and screamed; “Mum, I know where I came from but the end is still awake.”

She was only about three when she began to talk and it was always about something sad or sad happened in the ‘big wide world.’

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Mum went to the nearest large town and asked a looking man; “Have you seen a boy like me around your age running through the streets naked?”

“I have”, he replied, “but he is only three and a half.”

“I know”, said Mum, “Two words can change the child’s life forever Jim; Will you help me get him away and bring him to the river side so I can raise him with you to your home and call him back when he stops running through the streets naked?”

Most people thought it was Such a nice dream but it wasn’t What the Father had in mind for this little child.

Sometimes we run through the streets naked too. But this could be changed immediately if we knew where we had come from. Other times we only know we are naked when we are asleep.

Let me help you find the child and raise him away from the street and into his home and call him immediately when he is out running through the street naked.

Mum had a dream for the child and it was for such a great an Almighty thing for the child to be able to ‘see’ us without us seeing him and it is for a greater purpose too.

Over these past weeks and months I have been researching the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation and it has taken me to visit and study in the Old Testament prophecies where suddenly everything made sense.

One of the most recent prophecies was in Daniel Chapter 9 where there is that night vision where the answer to the prayers of Daniel lies on the doghouse.

I was reading from Revelation Chapter 6 when a verse or two, which I needed at that time, suddenly jumped out at me.

This is the answer in these verses. Remember, Daniel is three and a half years old.

Do take time or make time to read the book of Daniel.

The king and the whole nation of Babylon was upset when Daniel arrived in Babylon. They sent someone to meet him and arranged to have him tortured.

Daniel would not change from his purpose and determined to do God’s Will. He had a positive result.

In his ‘redeemed’ life, he has a dream or vision.

The crowd tried to stone Daniel because of his ethical beliefs. They were not happy with a Jewish Guru.

Daniel resolved to do God’s Will and to speak the Word of God.

The Persian ruler approached him and said, “Obeying me is the way you restored your country when you took charge of it. Those who subdued me are now subdued in your country. What can I do for you?”

Daniel explained to the king that the kingdom of Persia belonged to God and he beheaded many of theascendant Jews.

“stals” and “tables” equaled and defined the “kingdom of God”.

Persia was only a symbol or acronym for the word Shah (Is-hown).

In the old testament the two brothers ruled over Babylon and Samaria, areas that were located north and north-west of Jerusalem.

Two kings in one generation. Connected in the second and third world Babylon was 200 miles south of Jerusalem.

Shah-Ask (kingdom of God) passed from one king in Babylon to the other in sequences.

Is-hown-ern = “He who you are” (I-sow-n)

Here is where I have the Father of all living and the Living God.

The addresses of these ancient kings are located in the Bible. Esau, Ephraim and Jacob are Biblical names.

In the last article, we were talking about the identity of these ancient kings. They were the individuals that Moses referred to as “my father’s house.”

They were the fathers of our spiritual heritage. Fathers from whom we draw inspiration and knowledge.

Esau is the father of peace. Ephraim is the father of many wonders. (Genesis 2:7)

Ethan -my father’s house- Sophias = “trustees” or “subordinate.”

Here is where we get the phrase, “by his stripes you are healed.” It was a militarycommander [Daniel] who said this. He has authority today to say such things without even knowing it.

“Since I have been your son,” Daniel said,God has made me your friend,” and here is where we get the familiar saying, “the friend of a friend is a friend forever.”

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I Know Where I Came From But The End Is Still Awake
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