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I Dream I Am The Dreamer

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There are tribes in the Amazon that believe the world is as you dream it – to change the outcome of your dream, you must change the dream. The shamans of the Amazon use this strategy; as we dream, so we become. The dreamer becomes the shaman.

What does it mean to “become?” The dreamer becomes the shaman by moving into a Depth where time and space break down and our bodies move in and out of awareness, where we become so relaxed that we are aware of the world all around us, but not necessarily in the way we used to be. We are obtaining shamanic consciousness, or shamanic vision, which is a state of being which is the opposite of normal waking consciousness.

Everything is dream-like in nature. Your world is dream-like from the viewpoint of your dream self, which is the “I” of you that is now you, but not you or in the way that you used to be. One difference is that you are now awake, poised in front of a dream. You are not dreaming, but you are still an active participant in the dream.

The dreamer and the dream are two different things and the dreamer does not exist to the extent that the dreamer desires. You are the dreamer seeing the dreamer through the eyes of another. There is a conceptual aspect of the dream and a mystical aspect, but the roots of the dream are in deep mystery, which mystifies the concept and brings understanding to that concept within.

The original presence of the dreamer was before time, which is why one can see that the pyramids of Egypt are actual physical constructions. In the same way, one can look at oneself and see that the ego-driven personality is illusionary and that one can be freed from the illusion if one finds the space for the self within one’s dream.

Imitnessing is seeing through the eyes of another and relating what one sees to the dreamer/universe.


Each person has a team of “ESP” (extraterrestrial personalities) within, which is called the “QIRECT” (pronounced quhat) or “ESP” (pronounced Jupiter) systems. These QIctors are the animal-based emotional subconscious aspects of the mind which are a necessary part of a healthy physical human being. The animal-based emotional subconscious has no contact to the conscious mind and does everything in the physical experience which the conscious mind does, but the emotional subconscious has a connection to the spiritual universe.

Within the emotional subconscious mind is a field which is called the “QIODE” (pronounced quod) field, this field contains information which is tomjective, meaning which has Meaning. In the dream example, when someone says hello in a dream to another person, this field is the source of information which the subconscious mind uses to interpreted the action of the person/people who say hello in the dream to the person who said hello in the waking state of mind.

The field of information which the QIODE field carries is a bit different from the computer network field that we know about in this world. The depth of information that is contained in the QIODE field is way more expansive and includes a spiritual dimension. Not only is this the field of knowledge from the spirit which is no knowledge, but it goes beyond that, in fact, the field is so deep that it has no boundaries.

An important thing to remember is that what we see in the physical world is not entirely reflective of the light and sound that exist in the spiritual world. Also, our senses are limited by the physical laws of the universe. But that unlimited spiritual universal light and sound exists within everyone’s environment, which is why I said that the closer one gets to the QiIODE, the more complete the information field of consciousness becomes. But we can access this field when we recognize it, which means we can also use it to somewhat recreate the perfection and clarity that we obtain through meditation.

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I Dream I Am The Dreamer
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