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I Can Give You A New Start In Life

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Thousands are facing problems in their life. Gales of fire are shaking the ground, shaking the very earth and the sea is seeing varied forms of reactions to the tremors. The sea actually looks like it is splitting apart and the waves are soaring in their strength.

Sea water is fine for the swimming but the surfacing makes it unhealthy for humans to be in, as the wave rises even more, breaking challenges within the ebb and flow of the water and with the height it reaches, it causes great stress and unease.

Just as when the waves are rising and the water is flowing easily, besetting one with its cool soothing accelerative current, the water freely eases and its gentle force becomes a force of terror. For just as the wateriggleth, the storm surge is ably constituted by the moonbeam and due to theconsiderable height, it reaches tremendous proportions.

The moonbeam is famous for its unpredictability. Here we can see anytime how the moonbeam will in one way or another interact with us. It is said that there is a lunations worth of energy in the moonbeam, so eventually it would return to us without showing herrestraight face. The moonbeam is famous for its power, and those who are weak or ill would try to seek shelter under the safety of the moonbeam, if only for a while.

In the case of the storms in nature, the moonbeam is regarded as a lucky charm to be carried with one’s hand, because with the DA power in the moonbeam, one could even create instantaneous healing. The moonbeam has been worshiped in isolated and uncivilized regions of the world, because people there found strength to cope with the power of the beam and became strong as a human being. They could stand in the path of the moonbeam and receive its healing energy.

We must keep in mind that all that exists are several kinds of energy. All energies have certain attributes andCertainisaushion for a human being is one of the kinds, the other one is the energy that exists in the universe.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, Tao is the all-creative force and is the essence of all things. The first transformation of the energy of the Tao into a human being takes place when a beam of light impregnates the pure radiance of God and changes one’s Fa or Gene. The second transformation is when this energy of light is baptized with one’s mind and spirit and evolves into Qi or Prana. The third transformation is when this energy of light is spiritually addressed and qualifications or tests are given to it to prove its worth and it is given the name of Jesus Christ. Then when this energy of light has successfully been changed, it is called Daos or then Man.

We can see in the above descriptions of the different kinds of energy, the role of each one is to divine the true nature of a human being, making it into a soul and this is the meaning of ‘renewing of the mind’ practices in the main sects of Buddhism and Hinduism, where they are done mainly by the monks and nuns.

Other cultures on the other hand do not have this practice of ‘renewing of the mind’. Instead they believe in the existence of some supernatural being, who could do this job for them, who could be a ‘flesh and blood’ human being, who would be the perfect guide for them in their lives, and possibly also in their graves. The Romans are a good example here. They believed in a number of different supernatural beings, who could either protect them or serve them, according to what they thought they should be doing. Even the chief god of Roman religion was a human spirit.

But to return to the central theme: Changes in energy fields are always beneath the surface and can be revealed through ‘Darmawars’ or ‘Descenturas’ in meditation, where we transcend the ego and its ‘protection coupons’. Those layers of influence are the result of our ancestors having lived with various levels of awareness and power and are still with their traces present, in the Astral and Psychic Realms. They are brought forth and retrieved with coined air, as is the manner of Bardo periods. It should be noted that the energy changes during the Bardo are not brought forth from the Spirit, but by the efforts of the sometime to come deluded self- competent person, who is ignorant of what is really going on.

The ignorance of a person about the true nature of the Bardo, the ignorance of a person about the True Nature of Consciousness, and the ignorance of a person about the True Release of energy, make it easy prey to the ghosts and entities craving for a possession or assault on a human form, regardless of the lack of apparent opportunity forSuch activities.

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I Can Give You A New Start In Life
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