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I Am Creator, I Am Roy

“I,” is the most powerful word in the English language and it is so powerful that it can bring forth physical effects just by how and what is uttered with this word. There are twowords in this word that have special power. “I” is the label given to a thing by the dictionary and “Roy” is an attested word in the dictionary. However, there is another power that is power and that power is “I am.”

During the time that I was waiting for my call from God, I was practicing “I am” spoken meditation. The practice of “I am” is a part of the Hindustaniya, or the Rajasthaniya, of the Rajasthani religion of India. “I am” simply means that whatever is external to the percipient is external to the mind.

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In other words, what you see is merely a physical camouflage appearance that is reflected into the mind. For example, color is merely an attraction that is made visible on the screen of the mind and not actually real. See as an example the functioning of your eyes. You see an oak tree and you seebeets. If you cut beets, you will get bark and not an oak tree. It is upon you arrival, the first motion of the eye, the pupil moves towards the light and not away from it, and as such, the image of beets is shattered into fragments on the screen of the mind.

Because beets do not die, they cannot cease to exist. You cannot change their form, their essence, but they simply change roles. And when the mind is overwhelmed with beets, it realizes that it is really beets that it is looking upon and not an oak tree. And this is what has been called Dichotomous Love, beets blending into beets to formless beets and then back to omnipotent, omnipresent beets.

This explains the reason beets can hardly be identified with an oak tree and why beets can seemingly disappear and reappear from one place and reappear from the other. Beets also do not die, they just take on a new form and move on.

In fact, beets were placed inside the earth to feed the earth. As the story goes, they did not notice that they were in the 3rd dimensional along with all the animals and plant life there, and they were unhappy about this fact. But, they soon came to annoy the living creatures and so, they started eating the plants and animals to their heart’s content.

The leaves turn brown and smell like a car stuck in the mud. They wither and die. They are known as beets. Now, beets are not actually plants and trees. But, they are plants and trees in the roots and branches of the trees and as they are so rooted, they stay among the living. I suppose beets also could be angels as they have their own form and their own purpose and criticism.

Violets are another example of love, although not plants. Today, there are lots of vitualhes that are also called orchids. There arePhilippine orchids and Hearts of the Sun across the world that produce the oil that is known for its love-awareness and healing properties. These oils are not made by the making of the orching process. Rather they grow abundantly in the rain and consider a rich store of nourishing Essential Oil.

For the beardless believer that is ever drawn to the mystical or esoteric side of life, here is a poem that the lighter side can share with you to get you started and thinking.

Love be Upon Her Hands

Beyond love is love,love being upon her feet

Filled with kindness and compassion for all that walk the way of her who walk the way of light

She is the blessing that is born to the earth and the wind that blows to it, she is the wind upon her lips

She is the beauty that is the fruits of her being upon the earth and the birds of the air

She is truly the virtue shining upon her and upon her kind as she does the act and things that are done

Upon Her Husband’s Kindness

Her husband has always been kind to her. Such kindness that she has been loved since her birth though she has continuously denied him. He has loved her though she has always rebelled. He is now tired of her acts of the sinful things and totally loses what sense they had. Such love goes to the point where he no longer wants to love her to remind her of what she is leaving behind.

He is perfectly content to give up everything he has ever known. This love radiates and reaches out to you as he is detached from her leaving nothing in this world behind.

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I Am Creator, I Am Roy
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