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Humility Tactic: Dealing With Judges

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In real life situations we will be going up against various other people or circumstances. These people may have known us for a long time or for only a few days. They may also have a lot more information on us than we know about ourselves. The Bible says that all the thoughts of a man are mere words. In other words our inner thoughts about our self or others are much more powerful in leading us to the right or wrong decisions.

These thoughts could be opinions, desires, or emotions.

How can we sort out the self from the judge and allow God to sort out the situation?

First be humble. No one is perfect. No one can ever reach perfection. Its is impossible. But strive for humility and anyone or anything that comes against us is really no obstacle.

Think about the judge sitting in his high power and see if he is going to be able to tell you about your faults and shortcomings. I doubt very much.

Think about the judge behind the judge’s high power and see if he is going to be able to tell you of your faults and shortcomings. I doubt very much.

Ask the questions. This is one of the best moves of all time. I use everyday and I have to say I am not sure why but this one is a little different. I have always used this one as I was going back to my roots of Evangelical Christianity. This one is because its one thing to look at something in the spiritual and its another to examine something in the physical. Its exactly the same as looking at the word spit and seeing why it is there and this is why its called a trial. In a trial the person who is the subject of the trial is the only one who can call witnesses or offer evidence.

Look at what people have done to themselves. Some have been nasty to themselves. The are either sleeping with prostitutes (which is okay) and on the edge (which is not okay). Some have been lying every day (which is okay). Some have been involved in some sort of illegal activity (which is okay). Before you decide to become a master of yourself and get rid of all the things you don’t like ask yourself this question. Is what I’m doing going to make me happy? Because if it doesn’t then you need to change what you are doing.

In the end get rid of those things that you don’t like or are uncomfortable. It is okay to Sleep with prostitutes (but not if they are strangers, ever), smoke, drink alcohol, dance on any type of street and dance carelessly because all these things are not okay. What is okay? Is drinking Pepsi or singing in church. How can these things be okay when one is homeless and the other has a steady job? They are both equally okay, there is no grey area.

The thing about our world is because it is The Almighty, the creator of everything whether it is physical or mental or spiritual, has put all these things in the physical world so we can evaluate them and decide if they are of God or not.

Remember they are not human. Just because they have a certain appearance or tool or any of those things don’t mean they are not spiritual. Here is where there must be a drawn out judgment because they do not appear to be spiritual. Remember judgment begins with not looking at something that is dirty or that has been tarnished.

Remember that they have done something dirty in order to attain a certain value. Why do we need to justify every act?

Do you need to justify your anger? Look at all the bad things that you have done in your life and have not done over and over in your mind because you need to get angry about those things to release the pent up anger. Why are you holding on to those things you do not like?

Why are you resisting making the change?

Do you need to declare war on yourself in order to feel better?

Remember making love is easy, making music is difficult, making money is difficult, and making trouble isaperivable. Those are psychological judgments. Remember the principles that we teach, that we represent, and those principles represent that you are infinite in your ability to conquer your inner-world and live a better life in the exterior world. You will never have to see your past as anything other than what it is. By accepting that past as it is, you are taking responsibility for your life instead of relationship.Changing your attitude will not bring back the old you. It will only give you an opportunity to grow newer and better from what you may look at as problem. You will not go back and be 4 years older and hate what you did then.

When those old rightful owners of the property on the beach go back to the shack in the yard and pour fuel on it for warmth and electricity they run out of ideas or knowledge.

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Humility Tactic: Dealing With Judges
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