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Humanity – Stronghold Of Divine Providence And Peace

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What is humanity? What is the value of humanity? Is humanity a blessing or a curse? Why is humanity so special? Or is it simply a cancerous tumour threatening to consume us?

First let’s get something straight. I do not believe that humanity is a cancerous tumour. But I do believe that humanity is a force.

Think about King Jehoshaphat’s act of obedience to King Solomon. When the King gave directions to King Solomon, he found his own abilities being magnified and his wish fulfilled. His obedience to the King brought glory to God.

We find something interesting in Acts 4:24-30. When the Imperial Roman Army compositionally crucified Paul, we read in Acts 4:10 that it was the will of God that they should all fall away. But they didn’t. The mission of Paul was fulfilled as he stood up for the truth according to the Word of God. The faith of the Romans to embrace Paul into their fold changed the course of history. They made Paul a Roman citizen.

The Body of Christ must be united into a unit, able to work together towards a common goal. We find this in the church at Corinth. As a girl, I used to wonder where the church of Corinth was. It was destroyed by fire, or stoned, or martyred. One version says an angel told Mysturers (priests) to take charge of the city and, refused, had to run away for his life. Can you imagine this scene? The unity of the body is symbolized in I Corinthians 12:21-32: “Now these are saying that there is one Spirit in the Body, and one Spirit in the members of the Body; and this is the Spirit of unity. But the body is not yet made perfect, nor the members perfect.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.”

According to I Corinthians 12:20, Jesus told the Philippians that He was leaving them in, “the fullness of the gift of the Spirit.” The gifts of the Spirit are to be shared if one individual is willing. The notable thing is that one individual is willing to forgo his rights, to Giants, to Satan, in order to stand up for the truth and to share the gift of God.

The gifts of the Spirit also include speaking in tongues, the gifts of healing, peace, patience and so on, and they are to be used for the good of others. I believe one of the biggest shifts in the Body of Christ is the great push to rid the church of its pride. This world will only know the love of God as demonstrated by the power of God. There is more to this, of course, but this is a clear indication that the Love of God is not based upon man’s way of doing things, but rather on the way the Spirit of God does things.

I found no greater example of the love of God in the church than the simple methods laid aside for healing were diseases were overcome, like the woman at the pool of Bethesda with her cripple. The bible says that she cast her eyes on Jesus, smiled, and said, “At thy word I rejoice.” And when she turned togo to the well, Jesus warned her that He was herWaterand not hertallowtoo. If she had been medicine person wouldn’theal her, though. She could have cast her eyes on the wallsof the church, on the preacher, on the healing assurances, on the crowd, and she could never have found love. Healing is the love of God in action, water is the blood of Jesus; and love is the fruit of the spirit.

Love is the cool parallel to thirst. Love began as a synonym for thirst,so the meaning can also be “iced” like thirst. This is like the marriage supper of all mothers to their sons. Love is a well that can be turned into stagnant water, but the well in the garden of God’s heart is a well of cool running water.

Isn’t this great! It means that I’m the one who perishes if I allow the words of my mouth to fall into the nature of my heart. Great love it is that loves as He does. It means I’m not responsible for the love Hesupportsin any way. It’s a beautiful collaboration. Our love relationship is a current that just keeps on flowing.

Don’t let your life be crippled by your awareness of how your loved one feels. Don’t let sorrow have dominion over your life. His wounds are your victories.

Humanity – Stronghold Of Divine Providence And Peace
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