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How Your Intuition Encourages You

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Your intuition sends you encouragement while you feel stressed, depressed, lonely, afraid, tired, and ill. Be aware of the signs that you have been in the “know” or “inspired” space or state. These intuitive signs encourage you to take action based on them. These intuitive signs are free and available to you. Are you ready to receive them? If you die before doing anything, you will have the opportunity to at least meet these thinkers in the astral plane and hear their advice for you.

Admittedly, it is challenging to be aware of and recognize these intuitive signs when you are stressed, depressed, lonely, afraid, ill, etc. If you did this, you might believe that you are disconnected or weird. However, when you cultivate the practice of these specific intuitive signs while in trouble, then this questioning disappears. You will then see that the or signs that you have been shown allow you to take the bold step and the inspired action that these ideas provide.

Practicing these specific intuitive signs while in trouble makes it easier for you to recognize them when they do happen. A good example of a bad sign that can indicate that you are inspired is a broken heart. Let’s say that a loved one has passed away. The death of a loved one creates an immense emotional hole for everyone involved. You may feel it is your responsibility to do something, but at the same time you long for the comfort of the person who died. You want to feel the pain and sorrow too, for this is a painful loss. You want to offer your support, but there is only so much that you can do on your own.

The best way to recognize these intuitive signs is to recognize that they resonate deeply for you. You will feel the loss of a sense of oneness that is no longer present. Then you will know that the compassionate vibration that comes from this emotional wound means that you are truly meant to deal with the situation. This establishes a channel of inspiration and puts you in touch with something greater that resonates for you.

Another common intuitive sign is when something “just doesn’t feel right.” This can be a physical symptom–jointedness, lack of smoothness, issue with a butterfly effect–whatever it may be, recognize it, Adithi. You are being guided to something greater. All emotional and physical signs provide this guidance. Other intuitive signs are when something appears that “cannot be happening,” or miracles occur or you “feel” you are going out of your mind. These are all intended to serve as well, in the same way that a good movie enhances your overall experience. Keep dong so that you can recognize the patterns.

Lastly, consider the depths of the individual you come to know and how these influences might be playing out in your life now. The movie being told, in your mind, is able to withhold a detailed account of its plot, while allowing you to go with your flows about what is meant to unfold in your life and in the world. It seeks to do no harm, yet it allows the emotions that are part of your movie to influence you and to serve your movie. To recognize the patterns you create on your own, and to continually learn, inspires you to release what you don’t want in your life to the universe. It returns your focus to the immediate experience that is taking place in your life, moment by moment.

When you are focused on what you did not get in your movie, you experience what you did not want. This is when you are stuck in linear time and cannot go beyond that. It is not knowing what is best for you. It is knowing that you were created to be at the very center of your own universe, with the energies of the universe directly affecting you and your experience.

Learn to recognize these signs and release them. Allow the wisdom of your higher self to guide you to the space where your intuition can be unfettered. Wileqihing closer to the oneness of your god self. Things will end up clearer. When you are stuck in linear time, things will appear combined. Failed relationships, money issues, anything that forms a cloud in your life are examples of how complicated your plans can get. Your own linear thinking mindsets are the source of these problems. Releasing the negative energy created in your state of mind will refresh your perceptions and make things more simple to understand.

Wisdom is the way to the future for all of us, but not having enough wisdom will handicap you and limit your possibilities. When you begin to access more of your higher self, you start to perceive more realities, places, and things that are truly in higher alignment with your highest and best good.

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How Your Intuition Encourages You
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