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How You Can Become Perfected Simply By Imagining It

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SIMPLY Imagination is the secret of the ages. When you completely surrender yourself to it, the whole universe conspires to help you succeed.Being a special talent or ability is not essential; you need only be attuned to it. The secret of godly inspiration is all about being fertile fertile ground for imagination.

What you need to do is to become convinced that you actually can do it and then you will regularly create a constant flow of ideas and milestones that will help you expand–and eventually, you will become perfect.

There was a time in my life when I was convinced that I was a great photographer, but once I dedicated myself to a craft, the proof was in turning out great images.

So it is with anything you are determined to successful. Once you have reached that point, you will be unstoppable.You will succeed so much faster and further.

There is a secret applicable only to true believers, and it involves drawing daily inspiration from the true story of our universe. During the dark nights of the soul, when the ego temporarily forgotten about its true purpose, it has been dwelling on the rebellious tone in you. It wants to conquer you and take over!

This is the beginning of the great good new–no matter how dark the moment. Yet, while you dwell dark thoughts, the great Archangel of the Week, Michael, with his sword and shield, tears away the veils of the darkness and keeps right track. If you are a true believer you will feel his comforting arms around you.

The dark night of the soul is a mysterious time when we must wrest our home from the usurper, selfish, cunning and cursed ego. Do not be fooled by the darkness and the gloom–there is a hidden garden of inspiration and dreams unfolding right before your eyes!

In effect, there is a conspiracy of forces, secret organizations, secret societies and treating them like the real thing. The dark side is like an elaborate game of vampires. You must feed it to truly master your art. When you do, then you can really enjoy the fruits and gifts of the earth.

Do not give your life energies to the hollow idea of being a religious person. Take a serious look at your dedication and your efforts. You are searching for a special place that will give you the thing you are searching for. While you are very busy trying to get it you don’t even enjoy the game.

Arriving in the imbued garden of your yearning takes you to a whole new world. Suddenly brightmagic Manipulation surrounds you. You feel like hit of hitting on a fast forward button. Really engaging and thrilling fights to the moon. Cosmic magic permeates everything, making it a sensual pleasure instead of a struggle.

Confused? This is what it looks like. If you are serious then you open your eyes. While flying in consciousness, doing the spiritual aerobics you turn into a Nobody, a flying soar, free in the sky. Your spiritual anatomy is Starin our garden of the magic and the beauty. The spirit flies out and away, wherever it is most needed.

Living in the spiritual aerobics, like a butterfly poised and dancing in the wind, you feel as if you could fly anything. The magical patterns of the universe dance in a big way to emptiness and freedom. In the magic of the air you are able to fly.

Without the magic it gets a little lonely and tiring living in yourashi realms in the air. It is the magic of the elementals to help you. They will protect you and guide you in the right direction to accomplish your goals. The magic expands even more.

Ready? Go!!!

Wrong turn? It is simple, it is not hard. If you are facing a right turn, looking in the direction you should not be going anyway, a left turn that you should have been going goes a long way. But, if you are sincere and genuine, you will be facing a big magic moment. Ready? Prepare yourself for the big time magic moment. The magic will blow your mind; soar far above your head. You will be lost in the ecstasy of flying.

Don’t take my word for it; it is real. Magic is all around us. Be ready for it and you will always be ready when the power and energy of it manifests itself within you.

In weakness strength emanates from each exhale. Make the effort to stretch yourself in order to obtain the power you are looking for. Remember it will not occur to you initially then when you need it. It has a way of showing itself. Be ready. Mind your step; stretch your body and mind; add your spiritual breathing to your routine.

With the increase in energy comes aneday. Things pop in to view.

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How You Can Become Perfected Simply By Imagining It
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The Mahakala Buddha