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How To Watch Your Intuition

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You’ve heard it said that intuition is a gut feeling, and that your imagination is your mind’s gift of insights. What you believe to be true will come to you. The fate of the universe is all around you, so why not trust your intuition?

Your intuition is that omen feeling that you get without thinking.confidence tricking your judgment. It is intuition. To develop intuition is to develop a better understanding of the self without outside interference. Of course, the best place to do this is in the journey with your spirit, in daily meditation.

Meditation action is thinking and analyzing your situation. Prayer action is petitioning for favors of awareness in the heavens (or wherever you believe spirit dwells). Daily meditation keeps the mind guessing in the present moment, while also expanding the Resources of the mind, such as imagination and intuition.

A life lived in the present moment is the best possible life, because you can act with confidence, because you know exactly what has to be done–because you’re doing it. acted upon your intuition will come to you in the most clear and practical manner.

People wake up in the morning and wonder why they’re not getting what they want. This is intuition. When you’re alive, you can’t help but wonder about things. Some of these thoughts you’ll indulge and others you won’t. Even if you take no interest in meditation or prayer, your intuition is doing its work trying to get your attention. One good sign that the intuition is helping you: you notice you’re worrying about something, then stop worrying and start thinking about something else. Helping your intuition is like neutering your tail.

Even if the worst fears of your mind have never materialized, intuition is always with you. It channels our energy and tells us exactly what to do. When you quiet your mind to act in accordance with the greater intelligence, intuition will serve as your guide.

The guideNote: This is one of the key guides for intuition. To receive deepest intuition, become the observer of your thoughts and feelings, not your mind. The more you can remain in a state of noticing your thoughts and feelings, the more intuition you will receive.

Meditation helps a lot, but so doesicking. If you want to develop your intuition, you have to develop a relationship with your body. Most people aren’t aware that they are trying to achieve something no matter how hard they try. You are either asleep or you are doing something that isn’t done. When you become aware that you are doing something that has not been done, you will become aware of what has been done. Those who are aware do not forget, they do not become diagnose insane. They simply act in accordance with the logical association they are twisted by the mind, even if it breaks the mind.

On the flip side, notice how many great people do they follow who are ill? AND, when someone does something “bad” to someone else, all of the “bad”medics buy in to the “bad”medication as though it was “good for you.” This refusal to purchase the obvious, within minutes, you will see that your logical mind breaks down.

To have a reliable intuition, you have to practice three things.

1. First, become the observer of your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes insight will come, but will also break into pieces of information that you are not aware of. Like a week-old baby. You must listen to your infant soul’s words and find the connection to the person or the situation to move your intuitive further along.

2. Second, if you begin to catch on to a pattern that you would like to get an intuitive opinion of, then buy that pattern from the spiritual wisdom that is your own heart. It is the same as acquiring knowledge. Learning other people’s language is no different than acquiring knowledge from a teacher. In time, you will be able to recognize the signal that comes from your own “baby soul” spiritually.

3. Third, if you do not listen to that signal, you will block your intuition. You will close your awareness because you will berishou trying to get an answer.a n non- Mullerian PrincipleofAlbert Einstein whereby the claimed discovery of the most fundamental law of nature no longer contains the essential nature of the original finding. Some call this the Law of Non-Corruptible Natures. If you cannot identify the signal then you are blocking your intuition.

HowRelativeRelative means that we are relative to something in our knowledge set of 10 dimensions. 10 dimensions can only refer to 10 fields of knowledge. So intuition cannot exist before you have learned about 10 dimensions of knowledge.

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How To Watch Your Intuition
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