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How To Trust God Completely Part 2


In Parts 1 and 2 I described how to trust God completely to carry out your will. I also told you how to be confident that God will give you whatever you ask for in the name of Jesus. In this article I’ll reveal to you even more ways to be sure that your prayers are answered and that you’ll get every answered prayer you’re asking for.

This tip or principle will definitely help you. So Here it is:

Whenever you’re having a problem, a difficult circumstance, or are facing an obstacle – tow the line. I was faced with a dilemma regarding some business opportunities. You see, I really wanted to get in somewhere that would really help me build my business and make it massive with customers.

reluctantly I agreed to attend an upcoming Sothea event. I was excited to hear that there was going to be an abundance of jewelry being offered. There was going to be loads of new jewelry designs being offered for sale.

Unfortunately, I was informed by someone that the event was not profitable for me.

We’ve tried this method (and I wish I still had the Christmas presents I got from it), but it just didn’t work for me here.

I was so upset about it, I began to feel guilty. Why couldn’t I have it all to try and enjoy?

I decided I should mend my ways and promised myself that next time, I would absolutely find something profitable for Sothea.

I was off to the event, and was looking forward to the new jewelry coming out from the artists. On my way to the show, I was upset with the news that there were no beadstores within walking distance. Then I saw the Sothea store where I was sure to find everything I needed.

So I was at the show and I was upset with myself for losing it and having a let-down this year. Then this friend pulled me aside and explained that it was perfectly okay for me to have lost it. All my jewelry was perfectly packed and protected. I was just worried that my jewelry would be damaged in the process of traveling to the show. All she said was to look on the internet and ensure you put the right jewelry all along your bed. She was really reassuring because there was nothing else we could do to prevent yourself from losing things. I was sure if she said it, it would work and I was going to try it.

Well, I had lost both my cell phone and my speakers at home, and I was pretty much doomed. I was about to get out my vibrating cell phone to make a phone call when three angels appeared beside me and explained that I didn’t need to worry about losing anything, that the angels were there to help me.

The first thing that happened was that they magnetically drew my cell phone and speakers into their space so that I knew they were present. Then they began to ask me questions as if I were a sponge. The first one they asked was, “Why don’t you start the show?” Good question! All the way out there! I have a little brown divot in my hair that is starting to show. It’s not even on my hairline, and before the show starts, I can actually see it. So, I was feeling all kinds of good. And the angels said something else. They explained to me that when we make a decision to do something, the universe rally around us and does all the effort to get it done and we forget to actually enjoy the journey, which is where all the spiritual power is.

Anyway, after all that, I felt the urge to go make a phone call. So I did.

operator: Hello, could you be happy to be meeting with me?

Me: Hi, thank you, I’m doing pretty good right now. How are you able to speak with me tonight?

operator: I’m doing great, I’m just finishing this call and I’ll tell you what I was going to tell you. Can you tell me what is bothering you?

Me: Sounds like a internal situation. (the phone rang; she was calling out of the tone)

operator: Is that you?

Me: Yeah, who do you know out there that wants to hang out with me, is that you? (the phone rang; It was Godols)

Godols: Hi, my name is Godols. I’m a real quiet and little shy boy, but I live by the Trinity.

Me: Wow, its you! (she blushed and stood aside) That’s amazing; you’re really something. (she blushed and stood aside again) Look, I know this sounds crazy, but (pointing to her head) I have three circles of light on my aura that look like little praying sites, if you stuck a needle through them.

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How To Trust God Completely Part 2
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