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How To Take The Red Pill – The 4 Easiest Movement-Free Reality Checks For Lucid Dreams

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In a lot of O.B.E.s it’s really hard to tell what’s going on and how to take the red pill. Here in Lucidology 101 part 8, we’re going to start covering the easiest ways to take the red pill so that you know what’s going on and how to deal with it.

O.B.E.s Can Be Much More Hyper-detailed Than Waking Awareness

Lucid dreams and O.B.Es can be extremely realistic. In fact, a lot of people actually start doing O.B.Es just after waking up in the morning.

And while a O.B.E. may sound like your normal waking experience, it’s very different in many ways. If you’re anything like me, after a while of practice you get really comfortable with feeling things out in the O.B.E., and it almost always feels more powerful and real than waking awareness.

In this analogy, we’re playing a game in which we know the rules, and know about the potential outcomes andlatencies, and are pretty good at guessing what’s what. And so it can be really helpful to know, while dreaming, what these options are for you.

Without Lucidology 101: Taking the Red pill

If you want to tiptoe around the 4 or 5 steps that follow “How to Take the Red pill,” it’s going to take some effort. Because to change your reality, and create a different one, you have to be able to look inside for a bit and then take the red pill.

But it also takes a certain amount of practice.

First, it’s going to take discipline. Theres nothing worse than looking at a 4 year-old boy’s drawings and saying, “This is my Mom;” and then unconsciously sage rolling your eyes at the disgusting picture. This is why children need drawing ability as a parent, not necessarily because children are stupid or beautiful, but rather so they have something to lean on when it comes time to analyze the way the world actually works.

The second thing it will take is an open mind. While a child may be acceptable to parents, there are a billion people in the world who do not draw well. This does not mean that you have to draw like them or that your children should draw like them, but it does mean that you need to be open to alternative viewpoints. In my case, I was able to draw some limbs in my sleep, and a girl threw a rock at me (which I saw as her throwing a rock at me) and I threw another at her. Throwing limbs at each other isn’t a protection system. It’s how you learn.

The third step is to get under the assumption that there is more to reality than the things you can see, touch, hear, and feel in this physical world alone. At a certain point, you might even want to throw in zero limits. That might be a tall order for a child of mine, but it would be based on the assumption that “Whoa, there actually exists stuff other than what my eyes can see and touch and feel.” This doesn’t just mean time travel, teleporting, or even the ability to return to our previous selves. It’s the ability to sense the energy field that is all around us and to connect to it on a mental level. Once you understand how to tap into a vast storehouse of black electromagnetic energy, then it’s possible to create a “spiritual” shield to protect your real self, your memories, and to let the sunshine of healthy possibilities pour through. Imagine what an O.B.E. would be like!

Those are the three steps that asequential. One can even take it one step further. I prefer this version:

Acquire some simple knowledge and keep both of these steps before you in your mind, especially when you feel yourself about to take the red pill. Remember to let the fear and pain of these first steps go and press pause. Go back and forth between your two viewpoints. In this way, you’re dissolving information that is stuck and creating safe boundaries so you can learn what you need to learn while not losing any of the understanding or beneficial guidance available to you.

This, however, takes discipline and focused intention. You have to expect success. The universe will not violate your intent and allow you to go through life oblivious to your true existence, your true potential, and your true power. So pay close attention to what you feel and where you are in the grand scheme of things and give yourself an encouraging nudge in the right direction to bring you to a rapidivening realization of who you really are and where your particular path in life is headed.

How To Take The Red Pill – The 4 Easiest Movement-Free Reality Checks For Lucid Dreams
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