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How To Stroll Through The Heavenly Jerusalem And Enjoy The Queen Of Heaven – Part II

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Purpose of this Letter

One of the purposes of this epistle is to encourage the believers to engage further in the study of the Lord and to pray more fervently according to His enlightened pattern. Christ showed a pattern of acceptable worship when He died on the cross. He left us an altar and an example of acceptable prayer. Paul wants to hasten the conversion of the believers by showing them that there is no justification for their current lifestyle. He wants to encourage them to repent and move from the lifestyle that is acceptable to the world to one that is acceptable to God. He wants to help them to realize that without redeeming grace the price of sin is far too high. Unless they change their thinking and feelings, they will continue on the road of life and will not experience the total peace and joy of perfect love.

Rules to be Followed

First, a sincere believer should always pray to God, our Father. He should acknowledge who He is, His awesome power and great love. He should pray with the proper reverence and purpose. He should think about what his future good deeds will be like. Always keep in mind, the Lord is all powerful. He will fight against any sin in your life. He cares for you as He cares for all other believers. As you are born again, your life is wrapped up in one piece. No matter what you are going through, He is going to help you. So be sure to keep a guard over your heart. Meditate on the word of God constantly in order to be effective and have joy in your spirit. When you pray, think as though you were talking to God directly. Talk to Him at all times because He is constantly listening to your voice whether we hear it or not.

Second, all believers should endeavor to maintain a life of repentance. He should always pray for each one of us and then endeavor to help each one of us see the principles of the Word of God so they can be productive in their lives. He should endeavor to help us see the senselessness of the civilizations around us. He should endeavor to show us the futility of all of our earthly pleasures. Third, all believers should endeavor to stay in fellowship with other believers. They should think about inspiring, encouraging and helping other believers. The true essence of true Christianity is found in our fellowship with one another.

Here are eight points which will help you be a better believer:

1. Realize that God loves you and cares about you. He wants to draw you closer to Him in order to have you as a fulfilled human being in His path to heaven.

2. Always pray for God to bless you more abundantly. Spending time in prayer and fasting (what ever works for you) will help you to build a stronger relationship with Him.

3. studied the word of God at least once in preparation for the great commission (Mk 12:10) so you can learn more about Him and you can learn how His love works. There is power in the words we utter when we are in agreement with God.

4. stay in fellowship with other believers, learn from the Holy Spirit, and don’t be too proud to share your experiences with other believers. Many times we forget to include others in our prayer closets and never think of the many people we can bless if we just bring a smile to their faces or encourage them to the Lord.

5. Preach the gospel to your own people. God drew me aside and spoke to my spirit as He desired to relate His love to me. It is the same with you, you do the same. Speak to people you know and respect using the many names of God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Rejected Son of God (Jairus had a few) just name it and you will find that people will listen because they have an open heart. They have experienced the love of God for them. They have felt His mercy. The things I writeagainst can be harmful to your relationship with God and your own people when you don’t understand that your words can be condensed into one word i.e. thank Jesus. They can be shortened to a single word such as thank you blues when we do it in prison ( Byrne 2013).

6. Memorize your scriptures in the new testament and replace middle names with your chosen names. You will be recognized by the Kings James Bible because your name is not manifested by the merchants of the English language.

7. Have an altar always in your home that displays your twelve seal plaques and your five Wiccan colors. Yes you can change the colors but you cannot alter the names. Your lineage will always remain the same i.e. your last name which is the first and lesser known to nearly everybody.

8. Light a candle of appreciation and an altar candle of redemption.

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How To Stroll Through The Heavenly Jerusalem And Enjoy The Queen Of Heaven – Part II
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