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How To Settle Your Accounts And Have All Your Debts Paid Off In One Simple Phone Call

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Many people strive to make things right with God, yet honest questions go unanswered. Every day, we end up footing one bill or another and a few months later, out of money and without resolve. In order to stay out of debt, you must be intentional about making a few phone calls. It’s easy to make the wrong calls, which then lead to more trouble. A little phone time each month can change your financial life.

When you receive a phone call, the answers you receive will confirm or deny your initial impressions. The bigger the debt you incur, the more serious the situation and the answers you receive. For a small debt, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you won’t have to rush to pay that came due. But, the bigger the debt, the more you’re puzzled since the direction of the money has still not returned.

The best resource to solve financial problems is timely answers. If you witnessed the suicide of a relative and because of it, the world you knew has been ripped apart, automatic. Some blame the debt on the hardship life brought to them. They feel life is some kind of punishment and U unacceptable. It’s not just about money. The challenges people struggle with are also about people, family and friends.

When you go to the 24/7 books, you’ll read that people have solved problems before. Solutions pop up for all categories of problems. People have solved death and job loss situations with trepidation. They’ve solved divorce issues and have been reconciled with their losses. Their solutions don’t have monetary aspect.

When you believe there’s more to life, you’ll discover your hidden treasure: joy. It may not be monetary. The circumstances don’t have to be as boldly as before. I discovered the secret of secretly enjoying life and made it my own.

The books I bought led me on a journey of discovery that transformed my life. I led my life as I read. I read about all the problems people have in their lives and their beliefs about them. As I gained solutions to those problems, certain things never troubled me again. It was as if they were ruled out and my spirit was bright. I read about how to be loved by everyone in your life, how to create stirrings where there were none, how to bewarm hearted and still be generous. I learned how to be understanding and how to forgive, the hard way. It was as if my life was a miracle.

If you go to the books about self-help you’ll read that people have created habits that have gotten them to be who they are. They have been to the point where they believe they are victims. They have been to such an extent that they don’t know who they are. The most pathetic part of their lives have been their relationship, the hearts have stopped there. Although they keep their heads above the water, deep waters they have beenCrossed.

If you’re alive in the last 6 months, I want to tell you now that your relationship with your loved ones has sailed. That the past is over and that things are off and that the Storm of Salvation is on the other side of the doorsteps. It’s for some of you that it’s a gurgling sound like a ship striking a shore. Other folk, not knowing that they’ll end up in church to attend, or in hospital, or dead end jobs, are now making up excuses as to why they’re not living their dream lives. God is allowing these situations to be part of your life so you can use the lessons that some of your had.

Perhaps, you’re in your 50’s, somehow sensing that the purpose of living this life is to live it to the fullest, to claim every pleasant experience that God has given you. Maybe, you’re questioning it now and wondering why you’re not following your passion? I John 4:4 Here am I, he said, write my message on you, that you may have my personal attention. If wanting to be a singer for God, or a preacher or a missionary isn’t what pulls you, then, it must be Satan.

Be careful, my friend, every salt has its saltiness, but the salt of the earth is that which is ordained by God, the pure cleanness of Christ.

You must realized that you’re in the hands of the Prince of darkness now. If you footsteps are shod with the preparation of His presence, your joy will not be cut off. Take a moment to restore your joy, and it will be restored back to you.

Jesus enters into the Jerusalem synagogue. People are going, wondering what might happen if He should see them. He turns to His mother and asks for a drink of water.

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How To Settle Your Accounts And Have All Your Debts Paid Off In One Simple Phone Call
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