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How To Seek Spiritual Confirmation From God

We believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how deep-seated it holds them captive. This is the kind of spirituality everyone was born with.

For some, being spiritual means to abstaining from behavior considered sinful; for others, it means to be perfectly free of conscience. For many, it means to be wholly devoted to the religious activities of your chosen religion. Truthfully, it means much more to each person.

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In all spirituality, each person must find their fits and quivers, so to speak, that is, find the path that allows the best possible expression of their beliefs. For some, that would involve practice of amudra, or the meditative and visualization practices that in ancient times, the Egyptians used to call Ra or “power.”

But what really propels one to spirituality, love for God, and to know him or her in an intimate way?

Maybe it has to do with the ego and selfishness. After all, if you’re completely ego-less, then why would you seek others to affirm your spirituality? If you already know God, why would you need someone else in the position to tell you about him?Curiously, these questions suggest that there are two possible answers, both good and bad. Both are probably true, but why bother choosing?

Here’s the bad answer. Spiritual affirmation comes from “doing,” your behavior towards those you love. Doing is the opposite of what comes from the head, interpreted as “thinking about” or pondering. So if you’re a devout atheist or agnostic, you may want to dispense with the notion of upliftment of the spirit because it’s costly and not very enjoyable. Whereas, the head is all about worry and fear.

On the other hand, the good answer is to pursue the possibility that there’s some spirit that you can actually care about. And that you can energize your beliefs that way. But it makes sense to pay attention to the approach. Because, believe it or not, that’s where you’ll find the answer to your questions.

To pursue the idea of apositive spirit requires some steps. Here’s three:

1. Spirituality is not true knowledge alone. True spirituality involves the ability to feel connected with the world, with God, and with yourself. This is true across all traditions. And so your spirituality will involve more than just a simple belief in aTheosophicalconcept.

2. So what’s the best discipline for developing your positive spirituality?The best discipline you can use to develop your spirituality is one that originated inSelf Maintenanceby Dr. Louise Hay Houses. I’m sure you’ve heard of her before.

Her book is an electro- Lithium energy rechargeable pulley that you use to supply your Positive Spirituality(see below).

But you don’t need to get deeply involved in the practices from her book. You can use the practices from the start of the book, or from another book, or from chapter only.

3. What will you find after you’ve used one of Dr. Hay’s methods of spirituality to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit?

Well, it could be better than you think. Dr. Hay’smethods of spirituality is intended to be simple, straightforward, and applyable even to those who are novice in any area of life. And the good news is that it doesn’t take a lifetime to develop a healthy mind, body and spirit. You can start on this path today.

Lifetimes of negative mind, body and spirit strongly suggest that you first establish a foundation of basic positive mind, body and spirit oriented behaviors and then build on those behaviors. You don’t need to be an exotic vacationer or skier to be effective in establishing a foundation and practice of positive mind, body and spirit while you’re still on the ground.

And, the more you get started, the more you’ll desire the presence of that healthy spirit in your life.

To establish and maintain a foundation of basic positive mind, body and spirit, you can use one of the following techniques or tools:

Outine routine exercise is one of the best ways to establish your basic healthy mind, body and spirit.

Visual the intended daily behaviors in your mind as you go to bed and then write them down at the beginning of your day. This is an exercise that will help you stick to a routine and will put your basic healthy habits that you’ve established in the past.

Drum roll, please.

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How To Seek Spiritual Confirmation From God
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