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How To Regain Your Spirituality In 3 Straightforward Stages

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All of us have certain subjects, things, activities, interests, and habits of our day that we do repeatedly. Perhaps even continuously. Some of our activities may be virtuous in nature and reap us great rewards, while others aren’t so virtuous and yet we do them over and over again. The bad news is that these activities don’t go on forever. The good news is that these activities can be highly beneficial for us psychologically, physically, intellectually, or emotionally to achieve our goals.

In a nutshell, if our activities are virtuous enough, then eventually we’ll attain a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. This feeling of satisfaction will have us pushing even harder to attain those goals. That, by itself, is spiritual growth.

This article will show you how toRegain Your Spiritualityin 3 Steps.

Before we start, it’s important to know that despite what you may believe, you are not your spirit. You are spirit who chose to inhabit a physical body to experience the material world. Your spirit knows more than you know. The things you do, say, and wear that you call your garments, are hardly you. And then there’s the Mind of your person, that Judgmental torah, that monologue you keep saying telepathically, and that ego of yours is a shade of a veil over your true essence.

Any time you do any of these things, or look these things in the eye, or even think about these things, you’re putting on a robe that doesn’t belong to you. Getting that? You are just acting like a person who is not their bodiless self because they’re doing all those strange things that are probably not even part of their natural way of living. Of course, they’re probably not doing their strange ways habitually, just like no one is that habitual of always putting on strange garments.

Any time you put on a pair of clothes that belong to someone else, you are just playing the role of a servant when that person is not even there. Of course, you can pretend that you’re acting in this setting, but deep down, you’re just playing a character.

We all have rich and wonderful memories of past lifetimes, and what matters to the spirit is that you are still present in this one. You are playing a role, but it’s not a very good role. You are just carrying around your rich and wonderful memory of a previous life, but skipping the lessons.

We all know about the angels, and how they show up in times of our most need. Just about any time, someone in a position to help us pops up out of nowhere to give us what we need, or can just send some words of encouragement.

These experiences are heavenly inspiration, and I’m talking about the sun shining in from a place of darkness. The look on that person’s face who has taken a moment to smile back at you… that instantly puts a smile on your face and a sparkle of happiness enters your soul. Is that alright? I hope so, because that is all that’s good.

Shining eyes, and a sparkle of happiness are what you will leave behind in this life, and in the life to come. The more you can project the look of God on you, and the more of God you can share, the better your descendants will be, on the path back home to Him.

That is why it is so important to be aware of the opportunities you have, and to be aware of the ones you miss, and best to remember the lessons learned from each, so the lessons will carry forward into the next.

And now, please enjoy the reading, and know that the essay is just the starting point, and the photos accompanied with the text are proof that we are all one… just us…

Here’s my two cents worth–after you’re done reading it. Thanks.

Wouldn’t it be cool if scientists could use the flash off in between pictures so we could instantly enjoy the next snapshot just a step away? Use your imagination.


I always resist niggling details like that. It’s hard to chew on the details while connected to the whole.

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How To Regain Your Spirituality In 3 Straightforward Stages
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