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How To Overcome The Fear Of Dying

As a doctor and a hospice volunteer, one of the most common fears that I encounter in this job is the fear of dying. “Will I be alone?” “Will I be alone when my time comes?” These fears have brought me to turn from medicine to religion and to share the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today one of my favorite songs is “Only Believe” by Kelly Maxwell. This song is about facing the fear of death and having the courage to go on. I like to think of it as the courage to live even when I may be dying. For this song I’ll stick with the lyrics “Will I be leaving you when I die? No, I’m gonna stay ‘ere till I die! Yes I’m gonna let you have me ’til I die!”

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There are a lot of reasons to why people fear death. We may not have anyone to leave us behind when we die. We may not have our health issues and problems disappear when we die. The kids that we leave behind may not have grown up to be who they were before. But these are just a few of the reasons. On top of that, the people that we leave behind may not even return to us. So no matter how we look at it, there are a lot of reasons to why people are having trouble living if they have a fear of dying.

But I have another question for you to consider. If you had a fear of dying, what would it be that you fear? Are you afraid that you won’t be near enough to your loved ones when you die? Is it that you want to be alone when you die? Do you think that your life will be too difficult if you die alone? There are a host of other fears. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can look in the book of Psalms or say a prayer to encounter these same fears.

If you aren’t able to overcome these fears, you should consider taking a Bible study. The only way you can overcome a fear of dying is to know the Word and how to apply it to your situation. Taking a Bible class can help you meet people that have been where you are now. It can help you get encouragement. It can give you knowledge that could be life changing. And if you thought that your life was tough now, imagine what it will be like when you die without knowing the Word of God. Consider these comments from Job:

“Then he said, `Does the king rule above the hill alone?’ `Do not magicians perform spells for his help?’ the LORD answered the servant. `Does he reply to the chaff* which the air breathes together?’ The servant said, `he replied, `will you repel the hot air which the heaven expels?’ And the LORD answered the servant: `shall I hinder the rain from you, or will I rescue you from trouble?*”

As a result of this entire encounter, Job was promoted to a higher position. “As for Job, he was promoted to a position even higher than that of a slave. Instead of slaves confining him to his present duty, e’ acquires the freedom of a ruler of the entire realm” (Job 42:10).

As a result, Job underwent another humiliation. God not only brought him back to his sphere of duties, the enemy retrieved his life. “The host of heaven afflicted him because of his sin” (Job 42:11).

However, this is not the end of the story. As if to continue the series, God changed his name and hung it up on a tree. The first time he did this, “so that he would not be a false witness against his fellow servants, God put away his name from the tree” (Job 42:12).

A short time after that, God was very displeased with him. He said, “I have given all the agents of destruction under this rain command out of the pit of the ground, to devise evil against this person. They will be destroyed in the earth and their bodies thrown into the scorching heat” (Job 42:14).

JTheram is a Canaanite who solves problems for his client, Japheth. Theram promises Japheth that if he should find out who his real father is, he will immediately come and rescue him. Japheth told him, “if you are not a kinsman to Idumea, will not fear of my father and go out and perform the wedding feast with him?” (v.15).

Two Egyptians then came out to help Japheth, and they had a little girl with them. Sheshbam, a Hebrew of purifying origin, to whom nothing was given, came and fell off a cliff.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Dying
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