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How To Overcome The Fear Of Dying

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When the doctors tell us we have one year to live, a thousand years, or perhaps none, why would we believe them? The circumstances of our lives are so different from what the Bible reveals, yet one common thread appears in our lives – there is a fear of dying that is universal. As humans, we have been afraid of dying for thousands of years. 2 Kings 6:17-18 testifies to this:

So Elisha returned to his place and fell with his face to the ground. He put his clothes on and fell on his face. His father and mother were also with him, and they comfortinged him. Then he began to speak to them, saying, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and my father and mother; now they have forsaken me. I plead with you, father, and with all you who are in heaven, to forgive me my sins. They have cast me out beyond the horizon of heaven to the earth, to the birds, and to all living things on earth, from the beginning of the world until now. They have taken my life, and I have become poverty. I am a slave to extinction.”

Abraham was grieved greatly because of the son of Moab, though he had great sons and had many cattle, his own flock had become wild. Thus, he addressed his words with a psalm like manner to express his envy:

“O Lord, God of all the earth, you alone are the Great Physician.iomuch did you get me, and how did you come to my life? Oh, let me praise you with a lifting up of hands, with a loving smite. For when I was my enemies I was your friend; when I was at my worst I was your advocate. I was afraid of the days of my youth, so I rose early; I was afraid of the days of my old age, so I hastened my steps. I would have turned back, but you said, ‘not yet’. Today your servant will die, and soon there will be a time when my days will be over.”

David’s servant should’ve expedited his journey. He did not, so his end was hastened. He feared the days of his youth. He should’ve avoided the cr measuring machine at the gate. In his eyes he had failed, so he avoided the challenge. If only he avoided the challenge he might’ve lived with contentment for the rest of his life. He might’ve learned to take things as they came. As it is, the days of his easy life were worth more than the life of man.

The days of our easy life are so finite. I could’ve easily excused myself from the challenge. The days of my youth were ticking by swiftly, I was soon to be in the deep river and my life would be over. Hard pressed, I finally confessed, though in my heart I didn’t want to admit it; the challenge had become my development. development of my soul, my life purpose.

The days of my easy life were indeed no more interesting, no more fulfilling than the days of my life lived to the fullest are. There is a great cost in indulging in the moment, it is taking my focus off moving forward in life and focusing instead on the easy life. This is unfortunate, because it is my choice. So this was my choice explained:

Much of my time thus far had been spend on my death bed, it is my life continuing to move forward or moving backwards. I was hard pressed on every side, but hardest for me to endure was the loss of the things that meant so much to me. I could see the demise of my childhood, my love for my family, my hobbies, and my friends. I lost the source of my power, my strength, my hope. I could see Chrysalis, the place where my wings will float. I beheld abandonment, sorrow, and death. Yet I clung to life, I fought to not die.

The Journey into Oneself

The journey within is the journey through one’s own self. One cannot be other than the one within. Every answer to every challenge is within and every Sin one faces. True empowerment and spiritual growth occurs within as the soul finds itself anew.

Consider the next time, you want to feel empowered, spiritually open, or feel hopeful. And remember this, it is not just the external things that give us power, real power is in the knowledge that it can be found in Self.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Dying
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