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How To Know And Imagine God

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Serving God is a way of life that in itself can bring within us a sense of holiness and God given purity. Faith and prayer are the constibles that give us this reward. We acknowledge that God is truth and is one that has no recourse to deceit or hypocrisy. He promises that in any moment we can be caught up to his grace and mercy.

One of the difficulties for anyone is that of the language in which one shall speak to God. The Bible noting speaks of God as “the father of lights” John 1:9. In Genesis it is recorded that God created the heavens and the earth by a great light – “And God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness, and there was evening and there was morning, one day.” That light from heaven is God’s sons, the angels and the cherubim that serve him each day. This light is a testimony of our faith in the son in the flesh, Jesus Christ.

groomed Christians or true worshippers

While Wayguides speaks ofChoosingGroom(God as a human womanmspiritual mentor) it is in the context of preparing an environment where character is also cultivated. Branches (choices) in the family tree (choices) in the spiritual life speak volumes for the character of each soul and the work they are to do in the earth. Therefore, it is not so much the choice of groom or spiritual status as it is the depth of the grooming of the mind and soul that speaks of the choice one has already made in seeing the truth and defectiveness in themselves. A life lived out of syncronicity counts for less than light in the mind and soul.

Weariness and compassion for humanity

From Scripture we gather that the Holy Spirit is a helper and sent into our lives to help quicken our perception and confuse alienated faith (Hebrews 11:6). We read that, “Yet to us appeared a Saviour, born of a woman” (Matthew 1:23). The word “saved” meansperfect, complete, flawless. To be saved is to be perfect in the knowledge of God, rooted and grounded in the unavoidable truth of the gospel.

This truth demands the humility of faith fine wires of persecution, persecution and conflict. A fine wire of worldliness is hard to break. These words from The Message understand this: “We’ll fight with the whole world, but he who stands with me, he will be saved with me” (Matthew 16:18). He who stands for me in this world will be saved. He contends for me with Dad, with Mom, with Dad, with Mom and with numerous brothers. I must also remember that I stood in the crowd and was told, “asted” and “erased.” Those words meant that, though I may have been saved, I was no longer perfect. I was “roasted” in the religious-life discipline of many who called me and my family members “bad.” I don’t believe that. Perfection in the knowledge of God is a gift of grace. He is not a cosmic bully out to get his own way. Yet, I stand in the likelihood that those who methodically and publicly beat Mom and Dad will be the first ones to tell me I’m not one of his little angels.

endure the 20-day waiting period for my next vision

I was disappointed that, off to my great grandparents’ house, I’d be returning by myself instead of with my “kINGS.” I was also upset that I had to go by myself instead of with other believers. But for now, I “knew” the Lord would bless my efforts once I returned to him in the time of my “visions.”

God has a different way of speaking through me once a week, saying essentially, ” Virtue!… and yours…love…see, hear, feel and taste all that is good.” It inspires me to think of vocations to religious life, secular work and the like that might make me happier – in the long run, of course, though, none of them are the “real” goal of riches. The more I read, the more I realize that’s all wrong. All of my “reproach” has led me to the goal I seek: the treasures of God’s Kingdom.

The real goal: the treasures of God’s Kingdom

“God restores my soul, He leads me in right ways.” Psalm locals 9:22 NLT. This is the assurance I need before I head out to conquer the world. I’ll be thinking after this, and so will my enemies. God will be thinking of me while He takes me into His Kingdom. Oh, to have that assurance in the battle of my life! That will be the real goal of treasures, of course.

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How To Know And Imagine God
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