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How To Give The Real Christ To Young People


Very many leaders of churches think that by baptizing persons, preaching to them, infilling them with the spirit of the Kingdom of God, and teaching them that they are sinners, as well as the like, what they are really doing is giving them the Christ. This article emphasizes that Christ is not an object to be given to those already initiated into the church nor is he a mystery that is supposed to be mastered by the one already existing in communion with him. Rather Christ is that great ideal of life which is in itself the kingdom of God.

What then is the Christ?The Christ is that great idea or purpose of God, that great ideal of life which is in itself the kingdom of God. For the spiritual man, this kingdom is the kingdom of God within us. He who aspires to attain to this end puts into motion the planetary forces, the great spiritual energies that are constantly at work on earth, in the universe and throughout the cosmos. These energies are organized into a great army of energy forms called the Angels of the Lamb, the forces of the the Trinity, therishta–priests, soldiers, and leaders–all those who are spiritually sounded. The sound is the calling for the higher consciousness, for the consciousness of the heart is raised to the throne of grace by a different act, the act of singing the spiritual Songs of Of Creation.

By singing these divine songs of purpose and truth in true faith and trust of the Most High, we cause vibrations of power to build up around us. The vibrations of these energies that are generated by our words and songs are transformed into the form of corporal, magnetic energy. For as the song of a soprano or tenor instrument proclaims through the vibrating strings of that instrument the presence of God, even so, by the song the true believer proclaims the presence of God by his words and Singles–the true believer knows the presence of God even in the bondage of the natural body. All is for the raising of the song of praise and worship to the highest pitch. The song is a focus upon the state of heart that is elevated by inner purification and the infusion of the Christ substance.

This is not the act merely of externalizing the psyche and giving such focus to outward activities but it is the actualization of a state of being in daily consciousness. It is not simply infusing of the mind with crystallized belief in order to reach a desired outcome but it is the actual development of that state of consciousness where the conception of individual personality is erased and the coming of the higher state of consciousness is realized in the life of the believer. It is daily for the individual and therefore within the life and activities of the believer. For to believe is for the state of consciousness and life that is the Believer and not the versa.

Much of the above was captured by Jesus in the great Sermon on the Mount with its five themes of activity for gaining the victory. These include seeking first the Kingdom of God, seeking always their interests, pursuing justice, negating the devils power, and overcoming the the enticement of worldly passions. This was an era when the focus was more on the conversion of the world to Christianity and less on the salvation of the lost. But as the history of Christianity has been one of conflict and controversy, we are more today than ever before. Therefore, our quest for the lost is more important and our faith a necessity than ever. This included not only seeking the lost in the world but also seeking the lost within the walls of their own minds. Hence, the puzzle of the modern faith is the solving of the problems it faces at home and abroad. This difficulty is part of the leadership of the Church to address.


With such a focus on the world’s state, the reality of the Church is that of a broken vessel. I use the word ‘world’ as we do not find it a suitable term in this context, however, ‘world’ describes better the state of the Church to the world. For there are great divisions in the Church each with a separate agenda, and these divisions spill over into the state of the world. In this problem, the Church has lost many of its followers.

The main issue at stake here is the Gospel. Those who have defective understanding of the Gospel have defaulted on this point. They think the Gospel is only about them and their interest. This is an error in the interpretation of the very words of Jesus. Only the words are true and fulfilled. The heart of Jesus is the focus, and this without a single hint of self-righteousness or self-established reputation. He says, ‘ Beckon! As yet I have not come to you, but ye hast gather together, and your treasure is in the saints.’

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How To Give The Real Christ To Young People
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