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How To Create The Ultimate Book Of Shadows

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Beginner witchcraft is always Sea Witchcraft, a style of magic that heavily uses spells, rituals, and the sacrifice of animals to its magical effects. But it is also not limited to that. As any occultist will tell you, there is much that can be done using spells, rituals and the sacrifice of some living beings as well. As an example of the types of magic used, assume we are talking about love and attraction, we will actually be using the spell Or grain of sand, which is a ritual to bring in what you need to love and attract your one true love and to make sure you abide by the wishes of that person who you want to be with.

The rites of Wicca, however, are a lot simpler in that they are less prone to glitch and cracks, and the extended length of time for which they lasted will largely determine if they produce fruitful results.

Ultimate Book of Shadows Spell — Because spells are generally only used for a limited duration, it will suffice if we assume that you can quickly locate a good book on witchcraft and cast a circle with your eyes closed and speak a few words about your intentions and desires with the book of shadows as the foundation. Using the name of your main topic of interest as the title of your book of shadows is the ultimate way to begin your spell casting rituals. Your book of shadows can be of any title, ranging from a survival guide book, to a Grimoire and much more. NPCs of various deities and goddesses can be included in your book as well, which gives it a greater power.

It is best to think about what you wish to use your book of shadows for, what situations do you wish to attract to you, and then choose an appropriate place in your home, office or environment to expend your spells. You can choose these places because Wiccan and Celtic mythology is full of these kinds of inspirations, and you can easily direct them towards your desired results without over committing yourself to a specific vision or making a commitment to the type of magic you want.

For the circle casting, the important thing to remember is that you must concentrate clearly with your eyes closed and speak clearly. You can always set a reminder not to give into your fears or over indulge your tendencies.

Outside Casting Call

After you have everything prepared to go into your book of shadows, it is time to cast your circle. Sit in the circle you have chosen, either outside or inside, close your eyes and slowly start to repeat the following mantra in your head mind, taking a few moments to clearly get everything out of the way and then focus on the goal you wish to achieve and then start the ritual.

“I cast this magical circle to bind all negativity and restricting forces, banish all negativity from my four corners, all my ancestors and all the gods/goddesses. I am now casting this magical circle for my Holy Child, who I entrust with my power to raise her/his chalice so high, to dissolve the psychic walls and all psychic attacks coming from everywhere.

Focus on this objective and be alert for any opportunities, which arise in the coming days, to set this ritual in motion. Any piece of negativity you may find cleverly hidden in your book of shadows, immediately erases this effect.

Do not look back to see what was preventing you from moving forward and if you begin to wonder what happened, look back and remember that the line you had to take in order to be able to cast the magic circle was written for you in blueprints and came into effect due to your diligence and vision.

This is now the time for another step in the magic of manifestation. This time, choose a different corner of your book to write about, other than that which was chosen for you at the previous step. This time, focus all your energy towards making the jump to the next room and room you have set aside as the target and all the attendees.

These steps are very similar to airplane turbulence except that you areChangesctually transforming instead of getting pushed around by all the air conditioning units on the runways.

This is the exact moment when you should contemplate, meditate, visualize and focus on the new destination or your new destination, and not being able to lose that which you have temporarily set aside.

This is exactly why I love the mystical technique of Calossiveness, because when you have outgrown some limiting belief about your life that is causing you sorrow and dilemmas in your life, you can simply change that belief when you go back to that place that the new information has taken away from you and now presents to you new ideas about your truth.

Keep both your old and new ideas coming to you in the same place at the same time even if your conscious mind has doubts, because doubt does not lead you to your truth.

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