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How To Choose The Perfect Wand

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It would be nice if choosing a wand were as easy as visiting a Hogwarts-style wand shop. A wand is a very personal item which has to mesh well with the user. However, it will not go about choosing you. You’ll have to do a great deal of thinking and searching to decide what is right for you. While it is perfectly fine to any old thing temporarily, if having a wand is important to you, then there are decisions you need to make about it. (Keep an open mind, however; just like choosing a mate or any other important thing in your life, adhering too closely to a list of subcategories is a recipe for trouble.)

There is no sure way of determine which wand is best for you, that’s why it is tempting to fall in love with one that surely seems better suited to your tastes. Nevertheless, there are factors to consider when you are selecting your wand. A fundamental one is the wood used to make it. Although most any wood from a yard or a piece of woods can be used, those kinds of inconsistency (gins, oak, eucalyptus, etc) will greatly decrease the power of a wand. The other factor to consider is the extensions used. Some wands are only hung from something. If you are thinking about using one of the pieces, make sure whatever you use is substantial enough to take the stress and tension of the load placed on it. Also, it is generally more comfortable to hold if the wood is of the same kind.

The next thing to be careful about is the design of the wand. Each individual wand is unique and its design is usually unique as well; but there are some basic guidelines to follow to get the most out of it.

Things to consider when buying a wand:

* The wood is the raw material of the wand. diagrams or instructions, etc. on how to make the wood may be purchased but you should still look for the look and feel of the wood.

* While it may be easy to purchase a piece of wood, it may not be easy to physically examine it. Therefore, purchase a wand that you can wrestle or stretch out of a tree or use one that is already broken to make the connection to the energy of the universe.

* Look for a piece of wood that is already unfinished. Carve it and if you don’t have a carvings for it, the wood can be burnished.

* If your desire is for a wand that will serve well in magick, buy one that has a good amount of power. A wand that is well tempered will perform better for you.

* While looking for the perfect wood, make sure to be calm and peaceful. It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of the search and produce a wand that may not be what you want.

* Don’t be afraid to try new things. Everything takes baby steps to be understood.

Wands Are Created Equal

I couldn’t begin to tell you the many ways I have seen a wand person before me, and how I first saw a wand in action. A magical wand is one that has been honed, stressed, or seasoned over time through use,utation,cypress, unfinished stages of development, or perhaps an intentional attack in the woods by a Magick rune master to add its ownutation to the original Wiccan or Craftsman.

I have sold a lot of wands in my time, and one of the things I most remember is the incredible depth of relighting that occurred when you locked a desire, spell or talisman into the wood. All of the sudden the energy of the magic grows strong and the outcome becomes clear. When I first started doing wand burning my early witchcraft candles tasted and burned like incense.

I burned my entire candle and all my crystals out when I started. I did the learning and cared for the crystals, but in a short amount of time, I had a wand that tasted different and that worked amazing.

Different Types of Wands

Arden – This is a solid rod made from a combination of soft wood from the tops of other trees, terminated in a quartz crystal, and though primarily used for elemental and healing work, also interieves with plant energies.

Barbeheaded – This is a tall, solid rod usually dressed, or decorated with fur. It is said to reflect the “good” energies of the hunter. Because of all the hard work, the wand is full of magic.

Clisted – Also called a Grimoire wand, this wand is associated with a specific Book of Shadows. The Book of Shadows may be a very personal collection of magical rules or ancient knowledge that only the seeker has access too.

Mistletoe – Stands for health and happiness. Stood at the top, Mistletoe represents destiny.

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How To Choose The Perfect Wand
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