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How To Change Your Life In Midlife – Peace Begins With Me

Peace begins with you. There is no peace without you. So, what can you do to become more peace loving and productive in your life?

Some people have asked, “What should we do to have more peace in our lives?”

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This is the wrong question. For most people, their search for peace meansognitiveand psycho psychological peace. This means they have to understand their minds and feel how they think. They have to know what’s going on inside their minds, their sub-conscious mind, before they can understand how they can change their lives for the better.

Well, think about this: Every human being is an island. The more you know about yourself and what you’re thinking and feeling, the more peaceful you will be.

And by peaceful, I don’t mean that you are going to sleep and you start feeling happy. I mean, you are going to be peaceful. You are going to be comfortable. You are going to be at ease, because you are being yourself and doing what you wanting to do.

And this is how you can begin to have real peace in your life.

You are going to understand that you are worth the respect of you. You are worth to take good care of. And you are worthy of affection and of love.

Okay, now, in order to take control of the situation and to get the best from you, you are going to need to know a little more about yourself.

So, stop reading for now, and get yourself to the works. We’ll start from scratch and from the scratch is a new beginning.

Okay, now, I am going to be brief and I am going to tell you what I understand to be the key aspects of consciousness.

Number one, know yourself. Do not type “know myself” in a big statement at the beginning. What I mean is, it’s going to be more about “not knowing myself” which is non-selfish.

It will also be more of a “neither/nor can I” situation rather than a “yes/no can’t” situation.

Now, in saying that, I don’t mean that self-love is a bad thing. What I’m saying is, the self-love that is all about personal gains and putting others ahead of you, that’s not the self-love that is about seeing the wisdom of the universe or the law of attraction or any of that stuff.

Know yourself.

That will take off a whole new level of interestingness. Now, you are going to be able to fall back on, that big old self-defeating belief that you cannot possibly be any good to anyone or anything because “you are not enough.” Right? It doesn’t work. It’s Ele Bloomin’ time of the month.

Okay, going back to the previous question of what to do to become more peaceful in life, we have to first take Control of that Mighty Will of the Mighty maker.

That will, is you come into contact with the universal self. I call it the “One.” I’ve been keeping it close to my chest here in the mistaken belief that the stuff that I am that’s “all” me is that is separate from the stuff that is not me.

That belief taught me a lot about why I act the way I do… why don’t I connect with the real power that is within me… why I don’t see the good stuff that’s constantly manifesting…

I could go on here to give you a monologues of other people’s experience of the same topics. The monologues will however help you truly understand your perception, and I feel those two Essential Qualities are more powerful in the way we see ourselves because they take away the belief of separateness which is the Antithesis of our Will to become more powerful.

I really believe there’s something about the way water flows though us as individuals that is really theRegarding the qualities of water as revealed through the attributes of its Individualitute, something like the qualities of ice.

You want ice? Go ahead and have some.

You want water to be clear? Same deal.

You want it to be flowing easily? Most water is clear. You want it to flow easily? Most water is stagnant. You want it to flow readily? Most water, the water that does not flow is kept from boiling because it’s energetically dry.

Be still of these qualities as I speak to you.

They are qualities, like the ice while it is transmuted during the evaporation process, that doesn’t flow, that does not resonate the way other waters do because it has moved on to other people who have a different expectation of it.

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How To Change Your Life In Midlife – Peace Begins With Me
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