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How To Believe In A God

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Believing in God is understanding first and foremost that He believes in us. So much that His Son died and rose again for our sake. He is here with us everyday and loves seeing the human race grow.

He sent His son Jesus to die so that we can live. And today, He is on His way back so that He can see His children again. If you feel this message, it is because God is with you.

Some people choose to believe in Jesus but many others chose not to. That is because they were not willing to make the commitment, the sacrifice that was necessary for them to believe.

So why did they chooses not to believe? Maybe they have heard other people speak about faith and how faith works. The devil always tries to get in the way of any who are trying to believe by questioning what you are speaking about.

If you shared how much God truly loves the human race, maybe some people would begin to take the challenge seriously. But what if you shared how much God truly hates the human race? That might go over like a rock. Those kinds of statements really hurt people. I’ve heard people, including myself, say things like, “I can’t believe God.” Or “I don’t believe God would torture or kill His own children to send them to hell.”

Don’t let anyone tell you that you and I don’t have to believe what the Bible says because the Bible is the word of God. The Bible not only talks about God but it also speaks about the devil and his work. This is where the battle begins because with the devil, he is trying to deceive you into thinking that you shouldn’t mind what God says. He wants you to feel that you can take the word of God, twist it to fit your own agenda and say it in a way to serve your purposes.

Faith and prayer are the keys to getting through those struggles because it is your faith in the Lord that will get you through. You must stay in the Word of God and continue to act on what it says. Anyone can spout something off the top of their head like a speech. But, it does not mean you are right.

In order to get through this battle you are going to need the help of the Holy Spirit. When you are able to hear and see the things that God is speaking to you about, you will be better able to respond appropriately to the Lord’s mighty promises.

Remember that no matter what is going on around the world, your battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. Satan is fighting you to gain access to the position of your soul. This is why we need to continually ask for God’s help.

We continually ask God to help us because Satan is able to lead you into any maze of life he can. He is already in the field and he is just waiting for you to get caught. So, is faith and prayer or fear and despair all that stand before you? Yes, they are but it takes a lot of strength to overcome. And you only have one chance in this life to get it right.

Now, let’s look at the numbers

On average it takes about 7 or trillion years to make a major wrong decision.



Threes always represent a decision. It can be a decision that you make or a decision that is made for you. This principle is based on the critique sin rate. When a person is in sin, they will automatically become discouraged or depressed.

People that are in continual sin have the free will to continue in that sin. They have the freedom to think about the consequences of their sins. People that are in pain or trouble because of sin have the freedom to face up to their sin and confront it each day until sin no longer owns them.

People that are addicted to sin and cannot live without it. Lying, cheating, stealing, and all other of the ” Whatever ” to describe just one of the sins that will rock you. Has the losing of all of your marriages and children and adult children and grandchildren and great grandchildren left you broken, tired, and depressed?

Beloved, no sin is beyond confessing before God and after that if you believe. The joy of the Lord is tarrying until you draw near to God.

Beloved, who can describe the battle of the cross, only Jesus, the One from whom David received victory,can. Give yourself to prayer and fasting in the truth of the Lord until you feel you have the faith to face your fears. Answers to our problems don’t bring us to the full restoration but bring us a little bit closer to the fullness of restoration.

David went through more traumatic and shocking that the natural circumstance.

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How To Believe In A God
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