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How Spiritual Practice Works Best

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Ernest Holmes said in The Science of Mind that “Perfect belief is the beginning and the end of all good mental work.” Makes sense to me, but that can be tricky to achieve. Perfect belief, of course, means the absence of doubt. Perfect belief and doubt cannot exist in the same space or they’ll cancel each other out. Perfect belief results in perfect practice. Perfect belief and practice are what most of us aspire to build up to in our daily lives.

Consider the story of a woman who fell on hard times and was about to lose everything including her young children. She had come to Jesus in response to his word that she would not be forsaken. (See Psalm 13). He inspired her at that time when she was in dire need. (See Psalm 13). But just like all things that only happen once, it could easily be overlooked. Her need for food was so great that she couldn’t see the basic necessity of it. Her desire so great that she was willing to be healthily fed. Her firm belief that she was more than able to take care of her home and prepare it for her children’s effort in coming generations. Simple belief that averted her fears. And then when the going got tough, she was strong enough to help others and pray for help as she dealt with this personal crisis. When the going got tough she refused to give up hope and insensitively gave way to her sorrows. These are all thanks to the “goodness” of God which she took as his fault since he couldn’t do anything about it without exposing himself to blame.

Truth is, how can God exist in relationship to disease, illness, poverty, hunger, sadness, and war all on top of each other, not to mention infinity and eternity? These are absurd premises. God couldn’t possibly exist in relationship to anything this side of infinity and eternity. But it’s good to know that when something’s bad that we can count on God as the perfect and trustworthy cause behind it. Because by faith, we can stand up in good faith that this good power will work out for the benefit of those who believe. Just as a parent would be concerned when a child wounds an eye because it could affect the rest of the body, so God is concerned when one of His elect is fatigued or worse in a work of service, not to mention distant from their pain in the midst of life’s fury. “Be strong and courageous…” Our spiritual gifts are Divine prerogatives and we thus have all the comfort we need in hope when we realize that, “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according toHis purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

James 5:16 offers hope to all who endure to the end. “Therefore, if the blessing of God that causes us to rejoice have not suffered with us, how much more will He bless us?” (1700s) God is gracious and patient with us, not wanting anyone to perish but all to come to repentance and be saved. He is a very effective present and has a perfect will that will never fail us. He will never break His promises to us as long as we love Him.

The conclusion, Jesus Christ was perfect in all the things he did, said, and prayed. He brought righteousness and justice to earth and asked that we may be privileged to share in his divine nature. In the midst of his heart, love and acts of kindness, he kept unconditional love in his members (he himself is our peace) and his truth was the only language. No one ever transgressed his teachings, not even Judas when he gave that kiss. We cannot afford to miss this message, not until the world is ready to end. There is too much at stake for us to lose for God’s message not being played out in our own lives and in the lives of future generations.

Those who are truly enlightened know the worth of Truth. If they hear someone say, “let’s transcript you in Messenger English” then they know that is not the truth. They know that keeping the true nature of God’s message from man and the spread of His unconditional love is worth more than the value of keeping the original relationship alive. And so, Truth shines Herself, bringing salvation to all who embrace Her. To the stray sheep and the lost there is no fear. They have found the Shepherd whose voice leads to salvation. (John 10:27, Malachi 3:6)

(Jh wherever the scriptures are translated “that which is perfect” is the original meaning)

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How Spiritual Practice Works Best
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