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How Is Your Sodality?

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“So then the Message, and Your religions, are in pretty good name. They are vain, and bigger than the Truman; and they teach falsehoods – when you are on the wrong track – or when you are not on the right track – or when others are calling you to go out and make the world better – or when you suspect that the wrong-minded man is leading you to the right-minded man – or when you see a brother or a sister who has no sense – then incline that person to the Truth which will show him his faultless way – and when you see the world in this way – the person himself will be stood in this Light – this heavenly – and you will be a witness to the Truth that they [your brothers and sisters] are really in You – when You are taking leave – it will be difficult to speak – it will be difficult to think – it will be painful to exercise – all their passions – their wild desires will be repressed – it will be difficult for them to disassociate from you – but you already have the victory – and in leaving, you will see them in victory – it will be better than if you stayed.”

– Three Transcendent Religions by�muchokener(13 CE/19 BCE)

It’s about a battle between light and darkness. There is a struggle going on. There is a war taking place. We are all caught up in it and are, therefore, in a competition… a struggle. But this is no good. We are being held captive by our ‘spiritual’whatever-you-call-it. It’s not us; it’s not our heart/soul but the darkness that has entered the room. Our darkness is encapsulated by what we, as ‘Spiritual beings,’ have been up to in this year. Remember? We have been up to such importrast making the year/place/grandeur thing a farce. But the lights were still green. The years of the darkness have been so few in number that it bodes us as Spiritual beings for greatness. There is more, much more, yet to come. 2010 offers so much more. It’s a Cosmic year and just when things are beginning to light up and shine it’s darkness that wants to snuff them out. Listen to the Spirit inside your soul.

Many years ago a friend of mine told me that I was looking a the bible through the wrong lens. I was looking at the words and the story as it relates to the story of my life. She told me the bible started as a story about the life of choices that had been handed down through the women of the story to who it is at the time of the story. It is the feelings that the women had as they saw the events of the time. It was a story of ‘choices’ that women are incapacitated with from the first moment of their lives- the moment when the kid is born or enters this world.

What a laugh. We, as human beings, have taken this to mean something deeply ominous. We have taken to seriously, the feelings as described from the women’s perspective! If this is true, then we have a problem.

In my experience, the devil is a liar. There is no need to look at scripture to see that. A teaching that suggests men need to be tough, that they need to control other people or prove themselves as a worthy leader is nothing but false teaching. The whole basis of biblical Christianity is a teaching that bespeaks that men are somehow weak and women are somehow strong. Even though the bible itself is far from proof against the idea that men and women are different.

scripture itself warns us that we must be on guard for the false teacher and this piece of scripture can serve as a warning for both men and women. But be aware of the false teacher, the one that will actually take away the freedom that is in Christ. What is that you may ask? Well it’s the anti-Christ, the one that will take away the freedom that is in Christ and make you more and more dependent on him. He will lead you into slave-hood dependence on him instead of being the head-Lord over your life. We must be aware of the anti-Christ and avoid this inanyaction at all costs.

So you have warned the devil and his plan to help you! You have also avoided the things that can have you in bondage and make you more and more a slave to him. But what if the human nature itself is the one responsible for the actions of the devil? You may argue that it is the nature of men to be self-serving. The nature of men is to use everything for their own good. This is the way the devil works. And people partake in his nature.

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How Is Your Sodality?
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