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How Does Your Spirit Grow?


Every time I am bombarded with new lists of what to do to get your “spirit” to grow the best it can be grows by two steps. First, it takes nurturing it; I mean compassionate, forgiving yourself and everybody involved. The second part is the regular, daily meditation practice.

These two steps or aspects-nurturing it and meditating daily-pertretch our spiritual muscles. They have us opening our heart to continually increase.

You also must forget yourself. That’s key. You must cut yourself loose from all the appointments, deadlines, things that distract you. Only hold onto the important things. Those things that truly matter.

Only hold onto the things that will have you pleased and focused on only those things that truly matter. The things that will stretch you.

The reason the growth energy needs to be “ored” is that it is far more important to allow that energy to grow than it is to grow without being stretched.Mind expansion and spiritual growth is growth in the power of taking what you know and suddenly seeing it differently.

Successful spiritual growth is not growth in the material world- gaining what is material and profitably getting rid of what is non-material. Both of which have a negative interaction with one another and can’t exist in the same mind.

Successful spiritual growth is the ability to see clearly in the heart and to be comfortable with uncertainty.

It is also about seeing the interconnectedness of the whole. A heart that is hung on to what is real and what feels right.

Living with an unwavering heart and balance is the foundation of being able to be comfortable with uncertainty.

And that takes courage and personal growth. Reaching, maintaining and expanding boundaries to protect your heart. Learning about what you might be called to do. Where your resources lie and what other options you have.

Your state of mind is the platform on which your spiritual path stands.

The platform exists because of your state of mind.

If your mind feels rested and at ease- that is an indication that you have a clean state of mind.

If you are confused and feel rushed- that is an indication that you have some internal work to do.

When you feel worn or maybe even “washed out” that is an indication that you have to clear a block or have something removed from you.

When you are in a state of mind that is filled with love, compassion, kindness and caring- that is an indication that you have stepped into your spiritual path and changed your state of mind to reflect that of the Golden State.

When you feel confused and unsure of where to place your attention, your energy is charged with the energy of the love that is all of the spiritual energies around you.

How can we increase the charge and clarity of our own energy?

The first thing that is required is to make a conscious decision to do one thing, and then the next thing. This is a form of transformation.

Energy follows thought. Therefore, changing old patterns is the first step.

Next, the next thing you must make a conscious decision to do is to write down the new things you are going to add to your life.

What is great about this is once you have done this it will be reflected in your energy. You did not have to necessarily be a writer, it could be anything that brings peace into your life.

Another practice that works well for me when I am meditating is to look at all the thoughts that are running through my mind. Just as a thought occurs I acknowledge it and set it aside.

Next, I look at what emotion is arising right now. It could be a combination of thoughts or emotions.

Usually I will allow myself to get carried away. This means that I am not consciously leading my thoughts or feelings but I allow them to run through my mind.

As I reach a peak I bring my awareness back to the Now.

I have a few tools that help me accomplish this. When I am meditating, I use the Violet Flame. Sometimes I light incense and do some other rituals, like the ritual I did with the wishing well.

I also practice Seching Prayer. I look around in my room and a bless the place to which I am looking. I usually feel the Lord, or a positive energy force guide me to the assess the situation.

I give thanks, and an express love to the powers for good that the energy in this place brings to my life.

I usually meditate to get my energy flowing in the best way.

I can reflect my wishes and hopes and feelings of love and light to the place.

You can / will also perform energy work on yourself.

There are two things that you need to do.

1.Take time for yourself.

2.Take time for others.

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How Does Your Spirit Grow?
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