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How Does The Scientology Purification Rundown Work?

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The Purification Rundown is a detoxification program run by the Church of Scientology, and when done correctly, frees the person from the retarding mental and spiritual effects of drugs and toxins lodged in their body. Simply, the drugs and toxin are no longer able to serve their purpose and attack the body, and the person is freed from their entrapment. Additionally, the person feels cleansed and they regain a joy in life.

It is a series of programs the person is encouraged to do, over a series of days. The person studies the steps, and when ready, it isneto be done. It is usually run in person by a counsellor, and all that is asked of the person is to attending each day, and follow the directions, and believe the counsellor.

The actualScientology Purification Rundownprogram consists of 13 steps. Each one is explained very clearly in the book. Here they are, the 13 steps.

Istically complacently performing these steps ensures you are free of the mental and spiritual retarding effects of drugs and toxins, and allows you to become free in body of all the things you are not free of, like stress, worry, anxiety, psychological illness, physical illness and more.

The actual steps are simplest. Most people have a slight discomfort learning what it takes to do these steps, but the counsellor is there to explain, and help. Furthermore, when you are doing it on your own, you will learn a lot. For instance, restoring one’s health is a very important thing, that you have been freed from, thanks to these steps.

It has to be noted here that when this program was first released by the Church of Scientology, there were backlash by some members on the program, saying it amounts to mindcontrol. This is a direct quote from a leader of one of the Scientology centers in the Philippines. He said “The ‘Purification Rundown’ program is a manual procedure that involves physical discipline, it involves thinking and it involves trying to impossible — it involves applying whatever exercises to oneself day by day. But these impossible exercises are not the most important. What is most important is that the practitioner not try to apply the physical discipline they have to such things as, not crossing his legs, etc. The real effort has to be put in to try to think the impossible thoughts”.

The counsellor in the above mentioned quote, mentions that it is very important when performing these programs to not ask others to force you to perform. Performing these programs should be done as an individual decision. The counsellor indicates that anyone who suggests these programs to others, do not imply that it is the right way for everybody to go about this.

Then, the next line tells us that trying to think the impossible is good. He suggests that if you were able to allow yourself to think about your problems, even just for five minutes a day, everyday, the possibility of eliminating them would be one of the first five things that would happen to you. This implies that the effectiveness and growth of this program would be based on the individual effort and time that it takes to run this program, and that the results would depend on the time spent doing so.

Performing exercises to try to correct reactions to past memories that never even happened, is not the same as realizing that these problems never occurred in the first place. And even if they did, the correct action to take them away from you would only fix the symptom caused by that problem, not the reason for it. In such cases, performing exercises to try to change the way you think about them may actually make things worse. Plus, any actions you take to try to change such things will bring about further changes, due to your thinking continually changing.17

Euruslow-Gates has concluded that the most effective and important way to pass on the message to others is to deliver a personal message. He believes this is done best when an individual lives over and over in that person’s mind the fears and disassociation they have from life, and tries over and over to stick close to that person, only interjecting what is perceived as necessary whether it be a smile, or a word to tell them they are appreciated. Long term relationships are the best reflect, in his opinion.

This method mirrors a great tool used successfully by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. It is called the ThoughtForm Method. ThoughtForm is a term he has used to describe the general function of human mind. It works on the same principle as Scientology Process Direction, directing the individual thought forms of the person interested in those particular problems, back to the source of those thoughts.

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How Does The Scientology Purification Rundown Work?
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