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How Do We Deal With Anger?

There are many different reasons for which we get angry. Being a sports fan, I realize there is nothing better anywhere but to be angry and express that anger to a stranger on the sports field or court. Perhaps it is a professional athlete who has been engaged in an unfortunate or dangerous situation. Perhaps it is amiah who is Jeremiah 18:13, speaking God’s words to that angry world. Perhaps it is a man who has hurt the feelings of others, perhaps it is in the church, or a woman, but somewhere there is anger.

Anger is not only very easy to handle, Healing anger and making it our friend is going to take time. So, perhaps, here are some guidelines for helping us deal with this manageable piece of baggage:

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1. Be honest: We do not get angry for no reason. Be honest with yourself, be honest with your perceptions. Be honest with the person you are angry at.

2. Accept: Accept that you have anger, and accept, without doing anything. Being angry only serves to increase our negative influence on the world. Accept that you have anger, and allow it to assert its influence with wisdom and love.

3. learns: Accepting anger without attempting to change it, and therefore without building a script with which to work with, is what growth means. Accept that in your anger you are learning about the world, and maybe about yourself.

4. Forgiveness: Make every effort to begin to forgive. Trying to forgive people is like water being poured on a rock, it still takes effort. From your place of acceptance, pouring the water into a cup, and then filling that cup with the bitter water, and then placing it to your lips and drinking, it does not become bitter any more.

5. Say what you mean:Azure eyes are more likely to see error when you speak. “What did I do wrong?” “Is this I?” “What is happening about me?” Find your answer to what you want to see.

6. Practice staying in your body.Get Personally involved: Meditate, write, wash dishes, do chores. Whatever it takes to bring a smile on your face and to hear your soul have a voice. Find something you can do that is something you can enjoy doing, that is not likely to bring you pain, that can relax and release you.

7. Whatever it takes to get you back on your feet again. Just get up, get on your feet and find someone to help you.

8. No prescription or follow this someone: Don’t spend your life searching for someone to help you, you can’t afford to. Someone is always casting a vision or tarot card for you, or the Magick is being done by someone else. Trust in your instincts and your gut, it is probably the best judgment call to allow your heart to guide you.

9. You can do it without having a penny for a hand. There is no need to supplement your exercises financially, the best learning is done on an emotional level. So do not worry that you won’t be able to pay your fees if you do not do your work or do not study, the land on Karma does not pay. I have paid all my fees for over 20 years teaching and it is working. Do the same and you will benefit. Your part only requires that you believe in your work. If you are ego you will block your teacher. The world is filled with free resources and it is up to you to decide what you use them.

10. Don’t ignore your blocks. If you are learning a new piece of software (Like Maya) try to overcome any technical challenges that arise. Are there any bugs? Are you bitten by a spider? Worry not; nothing is permanent! It is very important to be perceptive to any strong feeling you may have, before you start, or your land will be taken from you.

Finally, try to remember to pick up your pen and paper when you feel you will be approached by a student. They may send a feeling or thought and you write it down. This will snap you out of your daze.

Another landowner in Israel has recently had a set of dreams. After noticing that dream signs had been eliminated from his garden, he filled his garden with weeds, to drive out the insects and keep the weeds from eating the amazing plants. As he has been doing this, he noticed how the weeds had gained significant strength from the starving multitude below. He is now forced to use chemicals and machines to maintain the beauty of his garden and it is slowly being eaten away. What was a seed that produced a bountiful harvest. is now too weeds due to lack of nutrients.

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How Do We Deal With Anger?
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