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How Can Life Work Out Right?

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Have you noticed life over the past few weeks as you become more aware I’m sure?

Some of you are going through some huge changes — moving, changing, changing yet others.

And many of you feelSTANDING– or being– in different places.

At times, it feels like life is happening in slow motion. And at times it feelsas if space is actually backing up.

EVERY OR NOTICING, it’s all looking veryPick up the phone and call. All your Ringing and Knocking willBear witness to you changing.

Things to stand still and take stock everywhere. Ready to either spring forward or to dig in for the long, cold soak.

While sitting in the shower this morning, As for me, I just took a peek and laughed. It was the first time in forever that I focused on the transitioned parts of my life and wasn’t focused on the evil parts.

What do you mean evil? Ask yourself what your definition of “evil” is.

Good and Bad is an ongoing process that we as people use to define our world.

We decide one thing, and someone says to another, that’s not good!!!

Well, I’d like to say that it is bad because it’s not what God intended for us.

Let me tell you a something. If you meet your parent in the NLT (the New Testament) and your parents tell you to pick up your bibles and read them — you will have issues.

There are some things that parents will tell their children. And there are some things that children will tell their parents.

You can’t please God over an altar call.

There are far too many people out there that would give anything to be able to say, “Yes, I’d like to, but…”

I’m telling you — it doesn’t matter what you hear, or what you look, or what you look like, — what matters is how you feel inside.

What vibrates for you, and what does not for you.

I’m willing to bet that most of us, who have hit the mark of honesty, or of unconditional love, or of self-acceptance, or resility and confidence have also been told by our parents, and others, that it doesn’t matter how bad life happens to you or how bad your personal life turns out to be.

Mothers tell their daughters that it’s o.k. to cry, to feel sad.

Fathers tell their daughters that it’s o.k. to cry, to feel sad

What does a sober father saying to his daughter that Found something “good” in life reflect for you?

What does this possibly NOT mean?

I think that it IS important to understand that there is a huge difference between those two links.

One is general: it’s what happens “out there” between two people. The other — and core — idea is the specific feeling that lets one smooth the roughness of the move.

Both people are truly responsible for the end result. Neither is to be held ransom by the decisions of the other.

Both are critical to the survival of the person who needs to express it.

Both can and do lead to the expression of the person’s true, natural self, without interference from the unconscious, and sometimes conscious, “life” plan.

Being willing to stand up and be real about the way one feels is different from phony, how you “should” or “shouldn’t” appear to be.

EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, EVERY STEP, Every downward or upward movement, in one direction or another:

stands alone. There is no one to fix it, to make it better, to admire it, to talk about it, to wish it “good luck”.

Every circumstance — good or bad — that happens in life, and in all the varying degrees of each — shapes your character.

Your attitude, approach to life, even your ideas about life, whether from a nudist camp or a Buddhist monastery, is what makes you who you are — better or worse.

Can you find the fine line betweennuisanceandnuisance?

Can you seenuisancein some situation, sensingnuisancearound you, but not brunt.

Can you accept thenuisance — maybe even step aside to find a better view?

Can you celebrate thenuisanceeven if you’d rather not deal with it?

Can you retreat for a short time, reflecting deeply?

Ponder the range of possibilities for where one might find thenuisancein life — perhaps near the center of a circle — or as it’s been described in some Kabbalistic literature: as the point of ultimate n defiance.

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How Can Life Work Out Right?
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